100 interesting facts about Argentina

An amazing country of Argentina is located on the territory of South America, which attracts tourists from all over the world with its unusual traditions, untouchable nature, comfortable resorts and cultural monuments. Argentina is famous for incendiary girls and guys who know how to relax and have fun. The country ranks 32nd in the world in terms of population. It is worth visiting this wonderful country at least once in your life. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and unique facts about Argentina.

1. Argentina occupies three climatic zones at the same time.

2. Since 2010, same-sex marriage has been legalized in the country, which is considered a fundamental victory in achieving full equality in modern society.

3. It was in Argentina that an elegant and sensual form of dance appeared – tango, which managed to find its passionate fans around the world.

4. Football for residents is not just a game, but a national passion.

5. During the most important championships, pupils and students are allowed not to attend classes, just not to miss such a significant event.

6. Diego Maradona is a symbol and a living icon of the country.

7. Tea drinking with mate tea is considered a real ritual. They drink it from one dish passed around in a circle using an ordinary straw. To invite you for a cup of mate means to demonstrate your sympathy and goodwill.

8. Huge reserves of uranium allow Argentina to conduct serious scientific research related to nuclear energy and the uranium industry.

9. The main food of the Argentines is meat. In terms of its consumption, Argentina occupies a stable first place.

10. The subway, opened in Buenos Aires back in 1913, was the first in Latin America.

11. Argentines are known not only for their sociability and openness, but also for their optionality and lack of punctuality.

12. The real pride of all the inhabitants is Argentine wine, which is consumed here in large quantities.

13. The streets of Buenos Aires are not safe. Hostage-taking, robberies of banks and shops, car thefts are constantly taking place here.

14. Medicine in Argentina is not only free and affordable, but also slightly unusual in some respects. To treat intestinal disorders, doctors advise drinking “7UP”, and sprinkle sugar on non-healing wounds.

15. For Argentines, trouble is considered an obligatory element of the toilet room.

16. The streets of Argentina are filled with numerous beggars and homeless people. Begging is common even for healthy and able-bodied people.

17. The porches of any house are in excellent condition. Residents keep them clean and beautifully decorated with flowers, furniture, reproductions and holiday decorations.

18. Reading is not accepted in Argentina. This is one of the empty pastimes.

19. The main priorities of the Argentines are football, meat and sex.

20. Female beauty in Argentina is associated primarily with booty. There are even special competitions for the best ass.

21. Argentines love their country and are proud of it.

22. Every family will surely find the Argentinean flag, which is hung on the balconies for any national holiday.

23. In Argentina, it is not customary to yell at children, let alone spank them.

24. The family takes pride of place among the Argentines. It is important for them to maintain strong relationships even with the most distant relatives.

25. In the event of a divorce, children usually stay with their fathers. Even if the child is with his mother, the father spends all his holidays, vacations and weekends with him.

26. Argentina is famous for its carnivals, held mainly in February.

27. The city of Gualeguaychu has become the venue for the main annual carnival, which is incredibly popular among tourists.

28. Buenos Aires is divided into districts depending on the social status of the multinational population.

29. In Argentina, you don’t see people smoking in public places, just like you don’t see cigarette ads. The sale of cigarettes by the piece through vending machines and in stores is prohibited.

30. The Malvinas Islands are considered the main cause of contention between Argentina and the UK. It is these islands that have a reserve of oil that British research groups intend to extract, which is completely contrary to the interests of Argentina.

31. Argentine women are not hardworking and thrifty. For them, it is much easier to order food than to spend time preparing it. What can we say about the torn off buttons, which they take to the workshop, so as not to sew on themselves.

32. Argentina has a huge number of all kinds of restaurants.

33. Many Chinese have settled securely in Argentina, owning many shops, saunas and laundries.

34. Transport communication can only be envied. Cash machines are used for payment. Entrance and exit strictly through special doors. Double-decker buses are used for intercity travel.

35. Argentines sympathize with people who have to endure severe frosts.

36. In the coldest time, Argentines wear only gloves and scarves from warm clothes, which does not warm them at all.

37. Girls prefer a simple style, mostly t-shirts and jeans. They do not use make-up.

38. Over the knee boots are usually worn by either prostitutes or transvestites.

39. Numerous hairdressers are needed for dyeing or straightening hair and depilation. Haircuts in Argentina are very rare.

40. Among retired grandmothers, it is customary to monitor their style, hairdo and manicure.

41. Argentine men also pay great attention to their appearance and style.

42. Fairs are always held on weekends where you can buy any things (semi-precious stones, clothes, paintings).

43. Empanadas is the most popular dish, which is pies with various fillings.

44. Argentines are recognized as very patient and polite people, who are unusual to be rude and rude to strangers.

45. School education is at a very low level. One of the main subjects up to the graduation class is drawing.

46. ​​Museums in Argentina can be visited free of charge or, in extremely rare cases, for a nominal fee.

47. Love for animals is confirmed by the presence of numerous veterinary clinics, numerous specialized stores and, of course, pets.

48. About 70% of all Argentines do not have their own housing.

49. Taxis are easily recognizable by their black colored cars with a yellow roof. The taxi drivers themselves are very friendly and sociable people.

50. In Argentina, there is no concept of kefir and bread, and the choice of sausage is very small, and even that one is tasteless.

51. You can buy a free newspaper before entering any metro station.

52. In Argentina, there are still outbreaks of dengue and malaria.

53. In the zoo in the city of Liuhan, you can not only look at animals, but also take pictures with predators by entering their cage.

54. Absolutely every person should take part in the elections.

55. The attitude towards immigrants is excellent. Ethnic conflicts never arise.

56. Among the local Indians, it is customary to celebrate a holiday – the day of the race. On this day, fairs are held with traditional dances and cuisine.

57. In 2001, four presidents were replaced in just 12 days.

58. It is customary to wear shoes in houses.

59. The buses have a special retractable step for wheelchairs. It is not uncommon for drivers to provide assistance to the disabled.

60. Demonstrations and pickets are quite common, with participants blocking traffic, burning tires and beating drums.

61. Very often you can see gay men.

62. Argentines are obsessed with tattoos and piercings.

63. Often, rich and middle-income people hire housekeepers and nannies.

64. It is customary for both men and women to kiss when meeting and parting.

65. An umbrella opened indoors brings, according to the Argentines, bad luck. Therefore, it is forbidden to do so.

66. Iguazu Falls in 2011 was recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world.

67. The Argentine city of Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet.

68. You can watch dolphins and right whales in Puerto Madryn, where they sail annually for mating rituals.

69. The age of 15 for girls is considered the entry into adulthood, and for boys – 18 years.

70. Bariloche is a picturesque city that has gathered the most beautiful forests and lakes.

71. Fish caught off the coast of Argentina are rarely eaten by the inhabitants themselves. It is mainly exported.

72. It was in Argentina that important paleontological discoveries were made. This is the land of gigantosaurs, titanosaurs and noasaurs.

73. Los Glaciares is a large ice massif that serves as a national park.

74. Argentine cowboys – gauchos, were subjected to constant persecution by the government.

75. The hallmark of Buenos Aires is Caminito Street, which attracts tourists with its brightly painted houses, funny statues, restaurants, shops and street musicians.

76. Built in Buenos Aires in 4 weeks, the obelisk is considered the main venue for mass and cultural events.

77. Twisting a finger at the temple means in Argentina thinking about a question, and not demonstrating the stupidity of the interlocutor.

78. Life expectancy is quite high. Argentines live up to 70-80 years.

79. Mount Aconcagua is recognized as the highest in South America.

80. Nowhere in the world do women resort to plastic surgery as often as in Argentina.

81. The national sport is pato – a combination of basketball and polo.

82. Only Catholics can apply for the presidency.

83. In terms of the number of psychiatrists, Argentina ranks first in the world.

84. Newlyweds must provide a wedding feast without the help of their parents.

85. A traditional Argentine dish on Saturdays is asado – grilled meat.

86. In September, a holiday is held – Sweetness for a Kiss, when a girl must kiss any guy who gave her a cake, candy or chocolate.

87. At Christmas, it is customary to cook sweet bread, sweet walnut tiles and sweet wine.

88. Argentines most often take holidays during the winter months.

89. The name “Argentina” means “silver” in Latin.

90. Argentines are not particularly punctual. For them, being half an hour late is considered normal.

91. It is very difficult to get around all the museums in Argentina. There are more than 110 of them in Buenos Aires alone.

92. Argentina boasts the longest street in the world, dubbed the 9th of July Avenue.

93. Calabash is a special dish made from dried pumpkin for the national soft drink mate.

94. The communication of Argentines often comes down to discussing two topics: politics and football.

95. Tourists need to remember to say hello and goodbye to Argentines if they do not want to appear rude and arrogant.

96. The pink palace, run by a woman president, looks like a huge wedding cake.

97. The Teatro Colón is the largest opera and ballet theater in all of South America and a center for classical music.

98. The Drake Passage, which connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic, is considered the widest on Earth. Even its narrowest part exceeds 800 kilometers.

99. The lake of all saints, located in the Lake District, is, according to the Argentines, and the tourists themselves, one of the most beautiful.

100. Tours to Antarctica are organized from Argentina.

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