100 interesting facts about Belarus

Probably, most people associate Belarus with its unchanging president, Old Man Lukashenko. Belarus is also characterized by its incredible potato crops. It is in this state that the classical methods of agricultural development are followed. The country lives quietly and practically does not fit into world politics. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and fascinating facts about Belarus.

1. The population of Belarus is over 9.5 million.

2. On “by” domains on Belarusian billboards are running out.

3. The names of many Belarusian companies begin with “bel”.

4. It is Minsk in the whole of Belarus that can be considered a city-millionaire.

5. Gomel is the second largest Belarusian city with a population of about 500 thousand people.

6. More than 1.5 years of service in the Belarusian army.

7. On average, a ticket to a Minsk cinema costs $3-4.

8. Kastrichnitskaya is a metro station in Minsk.

9. Belarus has the oldest forest in Europe – Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

10. Shura Balaganov’s favorite city is located in Belarus.

11. The GAI and the KGB have not yet been renamed in Belarus.

12. Alcoholic drinks infused with herbs and honey are made in Belarus.

13. In any of the banks you can easily exchange currency.

14. Minsk is convenient and compact for living.

15. There are no coins in Minsk, only paper money.

16. There are few advertisements on the streets of the city.

17. Religious hatred is completely absent in Belarus.

18. There were four state languages ​​in this country in the 20th century.

19. In the Belarusian language, the word “dog” is masculine.

20. Good quality roads are in Belarusian cities.

21. “Milavitsa” is translated from the Belarusian “Venus”.

22. Independence Square in Minsk is considered one of the largest in Europe.

23. During the Soviet history, twice Mogilev almost became the capital of the state.

24. Three mobile operators currently exist in Belarus: Velcom, MTS and Life.

25. About $500 is the average salary of citizens of Belarus.

26. All fields of the country are cultivated with the help of the labor force of collective farms.

27. The main game development center of Wargaming.net is located in Minsk. It also develops the popular game World of Tanks.

28. Marks are set on a 10-point scale in Belarusian universities and schools.

29. The second foreign language in Belarus is English, which is very popular among the younger generation.

30. Usually Belarusian guys meet girls in higher educational institutions.

31. Belarusian and Russian languages ​​are the state languages ​​in Belarus today.

32. The Belarusian language is a bit similar to Russian and Polish.

33. In the Belarusian language, the words sound cheerful: “murzilka” – “dirty”, “merry” – “rainbow”.

34. The Belarusian language is considered very beautiful and harmonious.

35. Belarusians treat Ukrainians and Russians very warmly.

36. Border neighboring countries also respect and love the Belarusian population.

37. The Belarusian population does not identify itself with Russia.

38. “Garelka” is Belarusian vodka.

39. A large number of police can be seen on the streets of Belarus.

40. It is extremely difficult for a traffic cop to give a bribe. They practically do not take it.

41. In Belarus, they try to adhere to traffic rules.

42. Minsk is the largest city located in Belarus.

43. Belarusian villages differ strikingly in terms of income.

44. Relations with Belarus are strained in the US and EU.

45. It is impossible to drink beer and other alcoholic drinks on the street.

46. Many casinos are located in Belarus.

47. Of course, it is strictly forbidden to smoke marijuana in Belarus.

48. There are no Chinese, black people, Vietnamese and other non-Slavic nations among the Belarusian population.

49. Taxi in Minsk costs $0.5 per 1 km, public transport costs 25 cents.

50. The length of the cycle path in Minsk is more than 40 km.

51. Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala are the most famous poets of Belarus.

52. One of the first to print their Bible was in Belarus.

53. Half of the population of Belarus wants to move to Minsk.

54. It is very calm and quiet in Belarus.

55. The famous international festival of arts “Slavianski Bazaar” is held annually in Belarus.

56. The flag and coat of arms of Belarus are practically Soviet.

57. Belarusian supermarkets have a large amount of vodka and other foreign-made spirits.

58. The monument to Lenin can be seen in the Belarusian capital Minsk.

59. The duty on foreign cars has sharply increased after Belarus joined the customs union.

60. A large number of hotels are being built for the hockey championship in Belarus.

61. In Belarus, there is a huge number of hockey fans.

62. Everything is highly regulated in this country.

63. There are practically no homeless and beggars on the streets of Belarus.

64. The first racket of the world for a long time was the Belarusian athlete Victoria Azarenka.

65. Two religions currently exist in Belarus: Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

66. For a long time money has not been called bunnies in Belarus.

67. November 7 is considered a day off in Belarus.

68. A very large number of Jews once lived on the territory of Belarus.

69. After Chernobyl, there is about 20% of air pollution in Belarus.

70. Belarus still has the death penalty.

71. Belarus won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest twice.

72. Draniki are considered a traditional Belarusian dish.

73. Belarusians in Russia and Ukraine are strongly associated with Lukashenka.

74. Women in Belarus retire at 55, and men at 60.

75. Many monuments of the Patriotic War are located on the territory of Belarus.

76. During the Second World War, the Belarusian population suffered greatly.

77. Neat and clean cities in Belarus.

78. Agriculture is quite developed in Belarusian cities.

79. In terms of arms exports, Belarus is among the top twenty countries in the world.

80. Belarus has been in the same state with Lithuania for more than 600 years.

81. Very beautiful girls live on the territory of Belarusian cities.

82. Virtually no rallies are held in Belarusian cities.

83. It is impossible to enter a Belarusian university due to blasphemy.

84. A large number of state-owned enterprises are concentrated in Belarus.

85. Slightly higher than in Ukraine, the standard of living in Belarus.

86. The country earns more than one billion dollars a year from salt mining.

87. Large enterprises have been preserved and function after the collapse of the USSR.

88. It is not customary to brag about one’s wealth in Belarus.

89. The Soviet Union is still a cult among the population of Belarus.

90. A large number of programmers per capita of the Belarusian population.

91. A doctor is one of the prestigious professions in Belarus.

92. Belarusians are considered tolerant people.

93. Potato is a certain symbol of Belarus.

94. It is not customary in Belarus to discuss politics.

95. Unemployment is practically absent in Belarus.

96. A large number of forests, swamps and rivers are located on the territory of Belarus.

97. A small number of banking institutions, unlike Russia, are located on the territory of Belarus.

98. The price of fuel is the same at all gas stations.

99. Belarusian rubles are the currency of the country.

100. Belarus is a nice and very good country.

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