99 interesting facts about Brazil

Brazil is an amazing country that annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. First of all, it is worth highlighting the annual incendiary carnivals with luxurious and colorful costumes, incredible fantastic platforms and fun dances. Also in Brazil live very beautiful girls with magnificent forms, which attract men with rhythmic dances. The sea and the sun, exotic plants and animals, mountains and fields fascinate from the first minutes. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and amazing facts about Brazil.

1. Brazil ranks 5th in terms of population.

2. Brazil’s national sport is football, therefore, in all cities of this state there is at least 1 stadium.

3. The most delicious coffee drink is prepared in Brazil.

4. There is no official religion in this country.

5. People who live in Brazil strive to be the first. This is their key difference from other nations.

6. Brazil has a huge number of transsexuals, so separate toilets have been created for them in public places.

7. 74% of Brazilians are Catholics.

8. Brazil has the most brutal police.

9. Brazil has won football and the World Cup 5 times.

10. Only in Brazil is a 4-day carnival, because the inhabitants of this state love to dance.

11. In Brazil, any girl right in the middle of the street can hear a compliment about her priests, and this will be within the bounds of decency.

12. When meeting a woman in Brazil, it is customary to kiss her on both cheeks.

13. Brazil’s favorite drink is cocoa.

14. Brazil is considered the largest producer of apples.

15. Public elementary school students in Brazil must give their milk teeth to the class teacher.

16. When women get married in Brazil, they don’t change their surnames, they just combine 2 surnames.

17. The discoverers called Brazil “the state of the true cross”.

18. Sao Paulo is considered the largest city in Brazil.

19. In Brazil, both men and women watch football.

20. A huge Japanese diaspora lives in Brazil.

21. Buttocks are the main part of the Brazilian woman’s body. And if it is large, then it is very good.

22. Brazil is the largest South American state.

23. In Brazil, when paying in cash, they do not give exact change.

24. It is difficult to find monkeys in Brazil, because it is unrealistic to see them on the streets.

25. Walking around Brazil in the evening is dangerous fun, so everyone stays at home at night.

26. In Brazil, even poor people have their own housekeeper to help around the house.

27. Brazilians never come to visit on time.

28. In Brazil, each apartment has about 3 bathrooms rooms.

29. On the streets of Brazil you can often meet homeless people, there are a lot of them.

30. It is forbidden in Brazil to meet girls on the street.

31. It is not considered shameful to beg in Brazil.

32. In Brazil, approximately 15% of the population cannot read and write.

33. Even little kids drink coffee in Brazil.

34. The sweets that are in Brazil are much sweeter than ours.

35. Cheese bread is considered a classic breakfast for all Brazilians.

36. Brazil TV screens never broadcast football and series at the same time.

37. Brazilians are the happiest nation on the planet.

38. Before getting married in Brazil, couples meet for at least 5 years and no more than 10 years.

39. Brazilians are strongly attached to relatives, therefore, they communicate even with the most distant relatives.

40. At night, drivers in Brazil are allowed to drive when the traffic light is red.

41. Brazilian families have at least 3 children.

42. In a Brazilian prison, the sentence is reduced if the prisoner has read at least one book.

43. Almost all cars in Brazil run on biofuels, because the protection of the environment is important for Brazilians.

44. There is such an unusual place in Brazil – Laguna, where people survive only thanks to fishing.

45. The names of the inhabitants of Brazil consist of 3 parts.

46. Brazil is considered the state of monkeys.

47. The richest territories of Brazil stretch in the southeast.

48. Brazilians know how to tell time by rain.

49. In Brazil, people prefer to wear rubber flip-flops, which they wear even to an expensive restaurant.

50. In the apartments of Brazilians there is no wallpaper on the wall and carpets on the floor.

51. Residents Brazilians are considered the most talkative people.

52. Cash is not used in Brazil, only credit cards are used.

53. Even if people from Brazil are not doing well, they will never become complain about it.

54. Christmas is considered the main event in Brazil.

55. Brazilians are true patriots of their own country.

56. Every citizen of Brazil has a T-shirt with the emblem of the state in their wardrobe.

57. During the carnival, the whole of Brazil has a rest.

58. Brazil has the largest tropical forest.

59. In ancient times, Brazil was a colonial state.

60. Brazil has a very acute crime situation in the country.

61. No one can understand the anthem of Brazil, because it consists of words that are rarely used in everyday life.

62. Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish, Brazilian or English.

63. Brazil has one of the strongest economies in the world.

64. Men living in Brazil they are not allowed to marry if they are under 30 years old.

65. There are approximately 4 million plants in Brazil.

66. Brazil is a right-hand drive

67. The national dish of Brazil is bean stew – feijoada.

68. Women are also accepted into the Brazilian armed forces.

69. New varieties of plants are discovered almost daily in Brazil.

70. Brazil is considered the land of many dances.

71. In November, Brazil celebrates Flag Day every year.

72. Brazil is the country with the largest flag, weighing 600 kg.

73. Masks and costumes that Brazilians wear at carnival have a special meaning.

74. Bayo de Sancho is considered the best beach destination in Brazil.

75. Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee.

76. Brazil is a country of traffic jams.

77. About 4,000 airports are located in Brazil, and this, in turn, is much more than in the United States of America.

78. About 6 million tourists visit Brazil every year.

79. When the World Cup is held in Brazil, people’s everyday life stops.

80. A book weighing 7.5 tons has been printed in Brazil.

81. Wood ipé, which sheds its leaves completely, symbolizes Brazil.

82. Brazilians love summer more than winter.

83. In the city of Laguna, which is located in Brazil, dolphins always help fishermen.

84. Brazilian sharks that glow in the water can be 1.5 m long.

85. 80% of the entire population of Brazil live in cities, not in settlements.

86. Cars in Brazil run on fuel that is created from sugar cane.

87. Brazil is the first state that could ban solariums.

88. Brazil is on the UNESCO list.

89. Short tropical rains in Brazil can go several times a day.

90. In Brazil, the cuisine is very diverse: rice, potatoes, beans, beef are used in cooking.

91. The main Catholic Church of Brazil is hidden underground.

92. The most legendary stadium in Brazil is Maracana, it can accommodate 200 thousand fans.

93. Brazilians are very jealous and impulsive people.

94. The clothes most often bought in Brazil are swimwear.

95. In Brazil, residents do not eat pork meat, because it has a lot of fat.

96. Jokers from Brazil can throw eggs at passers-by, pour water on them, and also sprinkle with flour.

97. The Brazilian carnival is a democratic holiday, as well as a profitable business. The turnover these days can bring a profit of 2.1 million.

98. Brazilians usually find work for themselves only thanks to the carnival.

99. In Brazil, it is acceptable to call blonds even representatives of the dark light brown hair.

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