100 interesting facts about Belgium

It is in Belgium that the highest standard of living in Europe is observed. Citizens are socially secure, have their own housing and material benefits. It is a small country that is rich in cultural heritage. Belgium is famous in the world for its impeccable beer and unique chocolate. The average age of local residents exceeds 80 years, which indicates the success of public administration in all spheres of human life. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and surprising facts about Belgium.

1. 800 beers are made in Belgium.

2. Belgium is considered the most densely populated country in the world.

3. Each Belgian drinks about 150 liters of beer per year.

4. Belgium has the fewest fast food restaurants.

5. Belgium is the first country to introduce electronic IDs for citizens.

6. More than 24 million ecstasy tablets are used by Belgians.

7. The first European casino was opened in Belgium.

8. In 1840 the first saxophone was invented in Belgium.

9. Incest in the cities of Belgium is considered an unforbidden phenomenon.

10. Belgium’s newborn has been named the world’s largest baby.

11. Belgians are scornful of their own clothes, they prefer to wear torn and dirty things.

12. Girls born in Belgium, are not considered true beauties.

13. The key means of transportation in Belgium is a bicycle.

14. Men of Belgian origin do not marry until the age of 30, considering their age to be young.

15. Approximately 220 tons of chocolate are produced in Belgium every year.

16. Belgium managed to legalize same-sex marriage in 2003, so there are a lot of homosexuals there.

17. Drugs in Belgium are loyal.

18. Residents of Belgium who have reached the age of 18 of age, they can carry about 3 grams of cannabis with them.

19. At the age of 18, all residents of Belgium must receive a higher education without fail.

20. Praline is considered the most famous type of chocolate, which was invented by the Belgians.

21. Belgian people are used to wearing shoes all the time, even around the house.

22. 93% of Belgians have a pet, because pets are treated with respect there.

23. Belgians are honest.

24. Belha is a multilingual and multicultural state.

25. Forced marriages are severely punished in Belgium.

26. Belgium is famous for its diamonds.

27. Euthanasia of both children and adults is not prohibited in Belgium.

28. In Belgium, controllers have every right not only to demand a ticket from a passenger, but also to search their luggage.

29. Opening a business in a Belgian city, further residence in this country is assumed.

30. Belgium is the last state that was able to obtain permission for vacationers to appear naked on the beach.

31. In November, Belgium celebrates the holiday of the royal family.

32. A significant asset Belgium is considered a “pissing boy”.

33. Almost all women work in the Belgian parliament.

34. Belgians are not considered true patriots.

35. The Prime Minister of Belgium is gay, and he is very proud of it.

36. Windows are not curtained in Belgium.

37. When married, residents of Belgium do not take their spouse’s surname and create their own personal bank account.

38. When children in a Belgian family become adults, no attention is paid to them, parents begin to live for themselves.

39. Belgian girls receive gifts twice on New Year’s holidays.

40. Beer marathons are held in Belgium several times a year.

41. French fries are considered the key dish of the Belgian people.

42. A huge number of Belgians do not eat at home, for this they visit restaurants and cafes.

43. The world’s first pawnshop was opened in Belgium.

44. Belgium is also proud of waffles.

45. Belgians know how to brew beer, which contains up to 1.5% alcohol.

46. The dog waltz is called the “flea waltz” in Belgium.

47. The Belgian Jean Joseph Merlin is the creator of roller skates.

48. 21 July is a public holiday in Belgium. Not a single Belgian knows what is being celebrated on this day, but flags can be seen from every window.

49. Oil paints were first invented in Belgium.

50. Belgium is ahead of other countries in number of holidays.

51. If you avoid talking about the government, the Belgians are very friendly and sociable people.

52. Belgian chocolate is served at the negotiations of the presidents and at the Cannes Film Festival.

53. There is a special museum in Belgium where panties and underwear of celebrities are preserved.

54. Belgians start drinking beer only at 10 am.

55. Residents of Belgium do not know what it is hockey.

56. It is forbidden in Belgium to marry under duress.

57. Belgium is the largest state among all the creators of comics.

58. Each year 7 people in Belgium commit suicide.

59. The production of billiard balls is considered to be developed in Belgium.

60. In order to make the sights of Belgium more popular, about 600 different costumes were sewn for the Manneken Pis.

61. The Belgian motorway is visible even from the moon, because there is good lighting.

62. There is no emigration in Belgium.

63. Serving oysters in the cities of Belgium is a whole ceremony.

64. Belgium is in the list of ten countries with the highest cost of gasoline.

65. Belgium differs from other world states by its high standard of living.

66. Belgians are huge fans of discounts.

67. There is a mysterious blue forest in Belgium.

68. Collecting picturesque expensive things is considered a popular hobby of noble Belgians.

69. The most popular names for children in Belgium are: Lucas and Emma.

70. There is an incredible hotel in Belgium, created in the shape of a human intestine.

71. The capital of Belgium is considered the most business-oriented European city.

72. In Girls in Belgium drink no less beer than boys.

73. Girls in Belgium do not wear high heels and skirts.

74. Belgians often watch porn movies because they don’t know how to approach this or that girl.

75. Gentlemanly qualities are unusual for Belgians.

76. In Belgium, those guys are considered cool who have a girlfriend, because the representative of the weaker sex there is the guarantor of constant sex.

77. The Belgians are a sports nation.

78. Residents of Belgium prefer to wake up early even on a day off.

79. Most of all, Belgians prefer traveling.

80. As for the Russians, the Belgians treat them extremely negatively.

81. Arabs and Turks also live in Belgium.

82. The inhabitants of Belgium are a frost-resistant nation, even in frost they can walk in ballet shoes on their bare feet.

83. Belgian taxes are higher than in other countries of the world.

84. The Royal Palace of Belgium is much higher than the English Buckingham Palace.

85. The richest girl in the world lives in Belgium.

86. Belgium is famous for its excellent bakeries.

87. Belgians don’t know the anthem of their own state.

88. Belgium is a European center.

89. Belgians get drunk from 3 bottles of beer.

90. For Belgium there is no concept of “sterility”, food can be served directly from the hands.

91. Feminism is noticeable in Belgium, because girls are equated with guys.

92. Belgians can blow their nose very loudly, no matter where they are. They do it even on crowded streets.

93. Belgians do not understand humor.

94. Every Belgian has a diary, they live according to a plan.

95. Belgium is exactly the state where the rulers care about the welfare of the people.

96. Belgium has very affordable housing.

97. Belgians do not like to save money, especially if it is about their entertainment.

98. On Sundays in Belgium, almost nothing works, even the janitors have a day off.

99. Belgians do not like to interfere in other people’s business.

100. There is a square in Belgium that is completely decorated with flowers.

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