98 interesting facts about dragonflies

1. Interesting facts about dragonflies say that dragonflies try to calculate the distance to kill.

2. Dragonflies have well-developed eyes.

3. Dragonflies can see in several directions at the same time.

4. Dragonflies are considered effective.

5. In a swarm, dragonflies are able to isolate their own prey.

6. Dragonflies never stop eating.

7. These insects are able to move their wings in any sequence and in turn.

8. Interesting facts about dragonflies confirm that dragonflies can crush their own prey to mushy state.

9. Dragonfly is a rapist.

10. Even small dragonflies have been hunting since childhood.

11. Dragonfly is the insect that flies the fastest.

12. The speed of dragonflies develops up to 57 km/h.

13. Dragonflies are insects.

14. Dragonflies are considered the most dangerous predators.

15. Dragonflies occupy the most prominent place in nature.

16. These insects are able to perceive ultraviolet light.

17. Dragonflies are fast-flying insects.

18. Dragonflies are always hungry.

19. Dragonfly can eat 5 flies at a time.

20. Dragonflies are able to capture a spider from its web.

21. Killing its own prey, this insect lets a jet of water into it.

22. In the eyes of dragonflies there are up to 30 thousand small elements.

23. A dragonfly is considered deaf.

24. Dragonflies, eating harmful insects, benefit humans.

25. Dragonflies are divided into 3 suborders.

26. The head of dragonflies can turn in any direction.

27. Dragonflies have a highly developed jaw.

28. Male dragonflies are endowed with a secondary copulatory apparatus.

29. The hunting efficiency of dragonflies reaches 95%.

30. Dragonflies usually turn on their brain during hunting.

31. Dragonflies have a short life span.

32. The largest representatives of dragonflies live up to seven years.

33. The female dragonfly is larger than the male.

34. In one day dragonflies can eat up to 40 flies.

35. Most dragonflies live for 3 weeks. And this applies only to small dragonflies.

36. With incredible accuracy, the dragonfly is able to calculate where the victim will follow.

37. For many people, the dragonfly is fraught with something mystical.

38. Dragonflies are able to destroy a very large number of blood-sucking insects.

39. The eyeball of a dragonfly has a unique structure.

40. Large dragonflies can eat bees.

41. A large dragonfly can bite a person.

42. Dragonflies are considered the oldest insects.

43. The remains of dragonflies have been found since the Jurassic period.

44. Dragonflies catch their own prey on the fly.

45. And they also mate on the fly.

46. According to scientists, the dragonfly became the first insect that could conquer the airspace.

47. The oldest dragonflies were gigantic.

48. The wingspan of the most ancient dragonfly reached 90 centimeters.

49. Dragonflies are a carrier of a disease called prostagonimos in poultry.

50. Dragonflies are considered the most effective hunters.

51. About 30 times a dragonfly flaps its wings during the flight.

52. The science called odonatology deals with the study of dragonflies.

53. There are approximately 6650 species of dragonflies in the world.

54. The eyes of a dragonfly consist of 30,000 lenses.

55. Dragonflies can eat harmful insects.

56. A dragonfly has 6 pairs of legs.

57. A male dragonfly has a needle at the end of its penis, designed to pick out the seed of a lover.

58. Dragonflies are considered formidable predators.

59. Dragonflies are the most successful insects.

60. The development of dragonflies is associated with water bodies.

61. The dragonfly is considered a “killing machine”.

62. A dragonfly can call it a master of aerobatics.

63. The dragonfly is able to easily find prey on a bright background.

64. Dragonflies have not changed their appearance since their appearance.

65. Not every dragonfly lays its eggs in water.

66. Dragonflies are well protected from the external environment.

67. Dragonfly females lay 1 egg every 5 seconds.

68. The eyes of the dragonfly have a faceted shape.

69. It was the fluttering of the dragonfly that became a clue when creating jet aircraft.

70. Dragonflies are able to overcome thousands of kilometers.

71. A large number of modern dragonflies live in humid subtropics and tropics.

72. Dragonflies usually move in a solid mass.

73. Songs were dedicated to the dragonfly.

74. Dragonfly is translated from English as “flying dragon”.

75. For dragonflies, there is neither the law of air resistance, nor the law of gravity.

76. In the process of hunting, the dragonfly determines the behavior of the victim in advance.

77. The dragonfly can freeze in the air.

78. These insects are able to protect themselves from attacks from behind.

79. The dragonfly is endowed with a slender elongated body.

80. In order to enjoy the prey, the dragonfly has to descend on ground.

81. When the reservoir dries up, the larvae of some species of dragonflies can breathe air.

82. Dragonfly antennae are quite short.

83. The belly of this insect consists of 11 segments.

84. Adult dragonflies live only on land.

85. For hours, a dragonfly can guard the victim in a shelter.

86. Dragonflies are eaten in Bali along with coconut milk.

87. The dragonfly is considered the most perfect predator in the world.

88. Dragonflies are endowed with a special nervous system.

89. Capturing prey, the dragonfly rushes forward.

90. Dragonflies cannot live without water.

91. A film was made about the dragonfly in 2002.

92. Approximately 350 million years ago, the first dragonflies appeared.

93. This insect can move for several hours.

94. A species called “blue emperor” – this is the largest species of dragonflies.

95. The dragonfly lays eggs one at a time.

96. Dragonflies with 6 legs, but they cannot walk.

97. In water, a dragonfly larva can live from 1 to 5 years.

98. Dragonfly turns its own head around its axis.

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