70 interesting facts about monkeys

This is an animal that everyone admires, and therefore it is interesting to get to know her better. There are many interesting things about this animal. Facts about monkeys will help to learn a lot of new things for both adult readers and the smallest nature lovers.

1. A monkey is an animal that can recognize itself in a mirror image.

2. Every year in Thailand, a feast for monkeys is created.

3. A monkey cannot catch a cold.

4. The mood of a monkey can be determined by its appearance: if there is a stretched upper lip, it means that the monkey is aggressive.

5. Male monkeys become bald just like men.

6. Monkeys live from 10 to 60 years.

7. Monkeys spend a huge amount of their free time on beauty.

8. Monkeys, warning other relatives of danger, begin to make a burp sound.

9. Monkeys are accustomed to settle in groups, because that it is easier to get food in this way.

10. These animals communicate with each other.

11. Very often, monkeys were launched into space, because they are similar to humans in their own body structure.

12. Everyone thinks that monkeys eat only bananas, but this is not so. These animals rarely or almost never eat bananas.

13. Some states are famous for cooking from monkeys, and such dishes are a delicacy.

14. Monkeys, like dolphins, have sex for the sake of pleasure, and not for the sake of fertilization and procreation.

15. Male monkeys spend a lot of time raising children.

16. Gorillas have polygamy families.

17. Chimpanzees, like no other, are born aesthetes, because they can watch the sunset for a long time, admiring it.

18. Monkeys can have offspring throughout the year, and this is not related to seasonal processes.

19. There are approximately 400 varieties of monkeys in nature.

20. Monkeys can joke and swear.

21. The monkey is considered a sacred animal in India.

22. Despite the fact that the structure of the monkey and man is similar, the vocal apparatus of these two creatures works differently.

23. The howler monkey manages to make sounds that will be heard for miles.

24. It is macaques that are well trained.

25. In Japan, turkeys are used to protect crops from monkeys.

26. Yawning of a monkey does not mean that she is tired, but that she shows anger towards anyone.

27. Monkeys do not wait for spring to mate.

28. In India, for a long time it was believed that the soul of a dead person lives in a monkey.

29. European culture associates the monkey with the dark forces of humanity.

30. Monkeys are considered primates.

31. Monkeys like warmth, and therefore they choose exclusively warm regions for life.

32. In some species of primates, the tail is so developed that it can support the weight of the animal itself.

33. The primate brain does not have a speech center, and therefore it is impossible to teach them to speak.

34. The most famous nursery for monkeys was in Sukhumi.

35. Monuments to such an animal were installed in different countries.

36. King Kong – this is the most famous monkey movie.

37. In chess there is a term “monkey game”. This means that the opponent mirrors the moves of the other player.

38. The growth of small monkeys varies from 12 to 15 centimeters.

39. Monkeys prefer grooming and beauty.

40. The most beautiful mother from the family of primates is a female gorilla.

41. If a newborn monkey has lost her mother, then her aunts (mother’s relatives) or her friends “put her on her feet”.

42. Eating seafood, especially crabs, by monkeys improves their health.

43. When eating grapefruits, monkeys peel this fruit not only from the peel, but also from the white pulp located on the surface.

44. The chimpanzee feeds twice a day.

45. The size of the testicles in each species of monkey may depend on the nature of the sexual and social relations of the species.

46. Only some female primates scream during sexual intercourse.

47. Gorillas do not like it when someone then encroaches on their possession.

48. A monkey is a smart, non-stinging and playful animal.

49. The monkey is an independent animal.

50. The monkey is a diplomat.

51. The gorilla is the largest monkey in the world.

52. Monkeys live in nests.

53. Pregnancy in monkeys lasts about 8-9 months.

54. At 3-6 months, little monkeys begin to walk.

55. In ancient China, the monkey symbolizes a positive sign.

56. In ancient times, monkeys were depicted on the walls of the stables in Japan and China, because this animal saved horses from diseases.

57. There is only one leader in a flock of monkeys.

58. Up to 3 years old, a small orangutan monkey feeds exclusively on mother’s milk.

59. Ordinary monkeys have a tail, while anthropoids do not.

60. Facial expressions, vocalizations and body movements all help monkeys communicate with each other.

61. Monkeys can carry tuberculosis, herpes and hepatitis.

62. Monkeys will never eat banana skins.

63. Squirrel monkeys can achieve the highest position in the group by urinating under a subordinate individual.

64. The smallest monkey is the pygmy marmoset.

65. Care The oral cavity of mother-females teaches their cubs-monkeys from a very early age.

66. Monkeys are social animals.

67. Monkeys can get AIDS.

68. Monkeys know the same language st.

69. SARS monkeys will never get sick.

70. A monkey will not be able to describe his own feelings.

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