100 interesting facts about Egypt

1. Toothpaste, comb and soap first appeared in Egypt.

2. Glass and cement were invented by the Egyptians.

3. The use of cosmetics is associated with Egypt.

4. Knowledge from the mummification industry that was studied in Egypt, useful in storing meat.

5. Contraceptives and antibiotics were first used in Egypt.

6. In Egypt, mail was first used using pigeons.

7. The most revered Egyptian god is the god Ra.

8. The world’s first testament was written by the son of the Egyptian pharaoh Khafre.

9. The first Egyptian pyramid is considered to be the one that had a stepped masonry.

10. In ancient Egypt, men wore white clothes, and women wore black clothes.

11. Today, a large number of Arabs live in Egypt.

12. Beer is considered the most favorite drink of the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt.

13. Over the entire period of Egypt’s existence, its name has changed several times.

14. Almost all of Egypt is a desert.

15. Only one river flows in Egypt – the Nile.

16. Egypt’s main income does not come from the sphere tourism, but with duties.

17. In Egypt, the roofs of many houses are unfinished, because the property tax is not paid this way.

18. Wigs were invented by the Egyptians.

19. In ancient Egypt, surgeons were able to do a head transplant.

20. Infectious diseases in Egypt were treated using moldy bread.

21. Bread for the Egyptians is the main food.

22. The make-up that the Egyptians put on themselves was called kohl.

23. Female Egyptians have much more powers than women in other states.

24. In ancient Egypt, fly swatters made from a giraffe tail were considered popular.

25. One resident of Egypt named his daughter Facebook, in honor of the famous social network.

26. According to Egyptian drawings, the pyramid is a symbol of the sun’s rays.

27. Approximately 5000 years ago, the Egyptians created the first dresses.

28. For 22 years, Cleopatra was considered the queen of this state.

29. There were 700 hieroglyphs in the Egyptian alphabet.

30. Having studied the drawings of the ancient Egyptians, scientists concluded that the favorite game of this people was a game similar to bowling.

31. Egypt is the only state known to the world for its mummies and pyramids.

32. Residents of Egypt really like football.

33. Polygamy is not prohibited in Egypt. It is allowed to live together with 4 spouses.

34. The Egyptian authorities protect the opinions of tourists.

35. Egypt is considered the “cradle of civilization.”

36. Make-up in Egypt was applied to the faces of not only women, but also men.

37. Egyptian doctors treat the health of their patients more extensively.

38. Human anatomy in Egypt was studied through mummification.

39. In ancient times, the Egyptians prayed to the gods.

40. Ancient Egyptians filled pillows not with down, but with stones.

41. Birthdays were not celebrated in Ancient Egypt.

42. The first wine cellar was found in Egypt by archaeologists.

43. Climatic conditions of Egypt are characterized by high temperatures.

44. The Egyptian police have a special attitude towards tourists, they are always on the side of foreign citizens.

45. The Egyptian football team won the cup 6 times.

46. The Pyramid of Cheops, located in Egypt, is the only wonder of the world that has survived to this day.

47. The ancient Egyptians, who were rich, wore wigs.

48. In ancient times, Egyptian children did not wear clothes until the onset of adolescence.

49. The custom of wearing rings on the ring fingers began to be used in Egypt.

50. Egyptian pyramids were originally lined with white limestone.

51. There is a city of scavengers in Egypt.

52. Until recently, the Egyptian Sphinx was with a nose. He has been gone since 1798.

53. Alexander the Great was buried in Egypt.

54. In 1929, the first driver’s license was issued to a woman in Egypt.

55. The Egyptian statues of the god Ptah inspired the creation of the Oscar figurines.

56. In the villages of Egypt, it is customary to decorate the walls with bright colors.

57. The make-up of the ancient Egyptians was black and green.

58. Egyptians write from right to left.

59. Egypt is one of the most evil states, because people there are aggressive.

60. The inhabitants of Egypt really like fair-skinned women.

61. The Egyptians are very fond of children.

62. The inhabitants of Egypt are distinguished by cunning, obsession and pettiness.

63. In Egypt there are hot springs called “Baths of the Pharaohs”.

64. Egyptian women do not have the right to marry men of other nationalities.

65. The population of Egypt is quite poor.

66. Egypt has a full name that sounds like the Arab Republic.

67. Egypt is a state of sands.

68. Egyptian women do not take off their veils even when driving a car.

69. In Egypt, couples in love are not allowed to hug in a public place.

70. Egyptians prefer to bargain before something then buy.

71. Egyptian buses do not have doors.

72. Egyptian large families have close ties between relatives.

75. The national headdress of Egypt is a yarmulke made of felt.

76. Meat in Egypt is eaten only on holidays.

77. In modern Egypt, residents are adherents of public conservative norms.

78. In Egypt, it is unacceptable for an unmarried woman to communicate with a married man.

79. The first description of the brain was written by the Egyptians.

80. The gods in Egypt were considered the personification of natural phenomena.

81. The Egyptian mummy of Pharaoh Ramses had a passport.

82. Writing was invented in this state.

83. Makeup was used in Ancient Egypt to protect from the sun.

84. Egyptian pharaoh Pepi took his post at the age of 6.

85. The ancient Egyptian pyramids were used to communicate with aliens.

86. Egypt is the birthplace of Christianity.

87. This is a state in which ancient history and modernity are intertwined.

88. According to the ancient Egyptians, the pharaoh was supposed to live forever.

89. Egyptian drivers do not follow the rules of the road.

90. The inhabitants of Egypt release more endorphins due to the bright sun.

91. Egyptians constantly sing something.

92. About 90% of Egyptians are Muslims.

93. Egyptian women are dumber than men.

94. In ancient times, the Egyptians used three calendars.

95. In ancient times in Egypt, killing a cat was considered terrible a crime.

96. In Egypt, there is a monument erected in honor of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

97. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra did not really kiss, because kisses were not recognized in this state.

98. Hippos were considered the main pests of the fields of Egypt.

99. Egyptians are one of the most obedient peoples.

100. In Egypt there is an army, where the term service will depend on the image level title.

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