99 interesting facts about Turkey

Turkey is very popular among tourists who seek an unforgettable and inexpensive vacation. It has everything, and the sea and the sun, exotic animals and plants, architectural monuments, relaxing and active holidays for every taste. You can visit old villages and get acquainted with the traditions of the indigenous people, try the national cuisine, buy traditional clothes and accessories. Next, we offer you to see interesting and exciting facts about Turkey.

1. Turkey is one of the most visited countries by tourists.

2. This country is considered the main exporter of nuts and hazelnuts in the world.

3. Until 1934, the Turks did not have surnames.

4. The Turkish state is divided into 81 provinces.

5. Turks are very fond of tea, so they drink about 10 cups a day.

6. Turkey has a very literate population.

7. Turkey is a state that has become famous for its gorgeous beaches.

8. Cherry was first introduced to Europe from Turkey.

9. About 95% of Turkish residents believe in the existence of God.

10. The most popular sport among Turkish residents is football.

11. Turkey is the world leader in the field of medicine.

12. The longest holiday season among European countries is in Turkey.

13. In Turkey, you can buy real estate 5 times cheaper than in other European capitals.

14. Turkey is the most the safest state in the world.

15. The Turkish language uses the Latin alphabet.

16. In 1509, the longest earthquake occurred in Turkey, which lasted for 45 days.

17. Handshakes in Turkey are much weaker than in Western countries.

18. Turks call the Mediterranean Sea the White Sea.

19. An ordinary quarrel among the Turks can instantly turn into a fight.

20. Turks are hard-working people.

21. Bargaining is considered the way of life of Turkish residents. They bargain even when negotiating their own salary with their superiors.

22. In some parts of Turkey, snow can lie for 5 months.

23. Turks do not have New Year and birthdays. These holidays are not celebrated there.

24. Turkey is washed by 4 seas: Black, Marmara, Mediterranean and Aegean.

25. For the first time coffee was brought to Turkey.

26. Turkey is famous for its 10 ski resorts.

27. The most expensive silk carpet is stored in the Turkish Kanya Museum.

28. The first Christian cathedral was created in this state.

29. The beaches of Turkey are 8,000 kilometers long.

30. There is a Turkish Van cat that can swim.

31. About 90 people speak Turkish in the world million people.

32. Turkey occupies a leading position in terms of the number of architectural monuments.

33. Every Turkish restaurant serves bread, tea and water for free.

34. Property taxes in this state are paid only once a year.

35. Approximately 2 million cars per a year is produced in this country.

36. Turkey survived 3 military coups.

37. Only in 2001, the death penalty was abolished on the territory of this state.

38. Turkish newlyweds are given gold for their wedding.

39. 23 April, Turkey celebrates the holiday of cloudless happiness. On this day, adults spend a lot of time with children.

40. There is a factory in Turkey that creates airplanes.

41. In the territory of modern Turkey in the 7th century, people tamed cows.

42. To refuel a car in Turkey, it is not necessary to get out of it. There are refuellers at every gas station.

43. Centuries bloom in Turkey in winter.

44. It is forbidden to build panel and brick houses on the territory of the southern coast of Turkey.

45. Turkey, while maintaining its neutrality, did not take part in World War II.

46. ​​Formula 1 races are held in Turkey.

47. Approximately 100 varieties of minerals are located in Turkey.

48. An Azerbaijani is considered the youngest Turkish billionaire.

49. In 1983, all casinos were legalized in Turkey.

50. The modern Turkish language has a huge number of borrowed words.

51. In Turkey, military marches are accompanied by the removal of horses.

52. In the Turkish town of Mardin, Aramaic can still be heard – the native language of Jesus Christ.

53. The legendary Troy was located on the territory of modern Turkey.

54. Since 1950, the number of men per 100 women has inexorably decreased. In 1950 it was over 101 men for every 100 women. There are less than 97 men in 2015.

55. Residents of Turkey, when they greet each other, hug each other twice, touching their cheeks.

56. The town of Marash, located in Turkey, became famous for its ice cream, which stretches strongly.

57. The most delicious olives are grown in Turkey.

58. Turkey ranks second in the consumption of bakery products.

59. The Turk, with a height of 2 meters 45 centimeters, is the tallest man in the world.

60. The army in Turkey is the most powerful among European countries.

61. The Turkish pharmacy can measure blood pressure and give an injection against the flu for free.

62. The oceanarium, which is located in the Turkish city of Istanbul, is named the largest in Europe.

63. In Turkey, it is customary to take off your shoes and leave your shoes outside the door when entering the house.

64. Turkey is the first country to have a female judge of the Supreme Court.

65. Turkey is the largest textile producer in the world.

66. More than 3.5 million Turkish residents officially live in Germany.

67. It was in Turkey that the world’s first university was established.

68. The first person to make a manned rocket flight was a resident of Turkey.

69. Approximately 70% of hazelnuts are grown in of this country.

70. Turkey is a prosperous state in trade.

71. Of the seven wonders of the world, 2 are in Turkey.

72. Cats live in Turkey, who have eyes of different colors.

73. Men living in Turkey adore curvy women.

74. Hairdressers in Turkey are on every corner, because residents devote a lot of time to beauty.

75. Increasingly, Turkish residents marry foreign women.

76. Turkish women do hair removal only once a month. Their process is of very high quality.

77. There is a cemetery of gladiators in Turkey.

78. There are a huge number of flowers in this country. There are about 9000 varieties of them.

79. Turkish cuisine is among the top three in the world.

80. In Turkey in the 17th century it was forbidden to drink coffee. Violators of this law were subject to execution.

81. It is rare to hear when Turks call each other by name.

82. Pamukkale is located in Turkey – the famous thermal springs.

83. Mount Agri, located in Turkey, is the highest point in this country.

84. The best oranges in the world are those grown in the Turkish city of Finike.

85. In Turkish baths, you cannot completely expose your body. It should be covered with a towel.

86. In ancient times, the Amazons lived in Turkey.

87. If a person goes on a trip from Turkey, according to tradition, it is necessary to pour out a basin of water.

88. In Turkey there is a unique lake Van, where cats live.

89. Only in 1923, the Turks became a nation.

90. The phonetics of the Turkish and Russian languages ​​completely coincide.

91. To fly from Moscow to Turkey, it will take about 3 hours.

92. There is no official religion in Turkey.

93. The inhabitants of Turkey are jacks of all trades, they can fake anything.

94. In this state, figurines similar to nesting dolls are considered popular.

95. Turkey has its own type of wrestling: oil wrestling.

96. In the palace of a Turkish city Kasikci diamond is presented in Istanbul.

97. There are more dances than feasts at wedding celebrations in this country.

98. Amulets from the evil eye and fez are the most common Turkish souvenirs.

99. From childhood, Turkish parents begin to agitate children to watch ru football.

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