100 interesting facts about Hong Kong

1. The inhabitants of Hong Kong do not consider themselves Chinese, although their state is part of China.

2. Hong Kong in translation means “fragrant harbor”.

3. Hong Kong is home of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

4. This is the purest Chinese city.

5. Hong Kong is a European expensive city in China.

6. Due to the presence of hills and mountains, the territorial part of Hong Kong is basically undeveloped.

7. Hong Kong Airport, which was built in 1998, is one of the best in the world.

8. Hong Kong hosts the annual Fringe Alternative Art Festival.

9. Almost all Hong Kongers prefer to go to churches, temples and mosques. There are 90% of such people.

10. Hong Kong is a completely safe city.

11. In Hong Kong, birthday people eat long noodles on their birthday, prolonging their lives.

12. Fireworks are forbidden in Hong Kong.

13. The white dolphin symbolizes Hong Kong and its annexation to China.

14. In May, Hong Kong holds a Bun Eating Festival.

15. The largest number of Rolls-Royce owners live in Hong Kong.

16. When a person dies in Hong Kong, his belongings are burned.

17. Hong Kong itself takes care of the economy and domestic politics.

18. Most Hong Kong buses have a second floor.

19. Residents of Hong Kong pay for taxis or minibuses with a magnetic card.

20. Hong Kongers prefer to eat, so restaurants serve dishes from different cuisines of the world.

21. The cost of food in Hong Kong high.

22. In restaurants in Hong Kong, tea is included when ordering dishes.

23. Hong Kong is a paradise for fans of flour dishes, because there are many bakeries and pastry shops.

24. New Year in Hong Kong is considered a grand holiday.

25. You can withdraw money from ATMs in Hong Kong without paying a commission.

26. Hong Kong records are usually dubbed in English.

27. Hong Kong is a very green area of ​​China.

28. Among office workers in Hong Kong, there are many European residents.

29. The level of living in Hong Kong is much higher than in other countries.

30. Many people in Hong Kong live in public houses.

31. Hong Kong has a huge demand for real estate, but the goods there cheaper.

32. Casino gambling is prohibited in Hong Kong.

33. The fastest Internet is in Hong Kong.

34. Traffic jams in Hong Kong are very rare, because walking is valued there.

35. More than 100 skyscrapers have been built in Hong Kong.

36. Hong Kong is considered a port city of China.

37. This place attracts those tourists who like to shop because there is no duty.

38. Hong Kong banknotes are made of plastic, so tearing them is unrealistic.

39. Rooms in apartments and hotels in Hong Kong are too small.

40. On old coins that were issued in Hong Kong, you can see a portrait of Elizabeth II.

41. Hong Kong is distinguished by left-hand traffic.

42. The main mode of transport in Hong Kong are motor ships.

43. Instead of repairing the building, Hong Kongers decorate it with colorful advertisements.

44. In Hong Kong, the streets have English names.

45. The key attraction of this city is the large a statue of a seated Buddha, located on a hill.

46. Hong Kong schoolchildren have a special school uniform that requires boys to wear ties and suits.

47. In Hong Kong, newlyweds have to hold 2 solemn ceremonies.

48. Hong Kongers earn over 30 years have been able to increase 16 times.

49. Hong Kongers prefer to eat fast food.

50. Hong Kong has the longest escalator.

51. Hong Kongers are different from residents of other cities with workaholism and excessive energy.

52. There are more skyscrapers in Hong Kong than in New York.

53. Hong Kong is economically prosperous, even without its own natural resources.

54. Despite Hong Kong’s link to China, in This city speaks 2 languages: Chinese and English.

55. Hong Kong is considered the highest city.

56. Hong Kong is considered the city of skyscrapers.

57. A huge number of centenarians live in this city.

58. Hong Kong has a high level of autonomy.

59. Residents of Hong Kong are accustomed to living in “compressed” conditions, because everything is small there.

60. Hong Kong includes about 260 islands and is washed by the South China Sea.

61. Hong Kong has an Avenue of Stars, exactly the same as the one in Hollywood.

62. Hong Kong is famous for one of the largest ocean parks.

63. Hong Kong has its own Disneyland.

64. There are practically no taxes in this state, including VAT.

65. Almost the entire territory of Hong Kong is surrounded by forests.

66. Higher education in Hong Kong built on the English model.

67. Russian residents can enter Hong Kong without a visa.

68. This state has special places for parties.

69. Hong Kongers react sharply when tourists speak patriotic and national themes.

70. Hong Kong was considered a British colony for about 150 years.

71. A huge number of elevated pedestrian crossings in this city.

72. Laser show, which is held in Hong Kong every evening, is in the Guinness Book of Records.

73. Buildings are built in Hong Kong adhering to Feng Shui.

74. Hong Kong is considered the most densely populated territory in the world.

75. In Hong Kong, families with more than 4 people must have a bunk bed.

76. Partly Hong Kong is located on the mainland, partly on the islands.

77. During lunch, all restaurants and cafes in Hong Kong are crowded with people.

78. Money that is put into circulation in Hong Kong can be confused with counterfeit money.

79. The most popular tourist destination in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak.

80. The locals’ favorite form of recreation is horse racing.

81. Temple Street, which is located in Hong Kong, is considered the most famous shopping market.

82. The highest bar in the world is also located in Hong Kong.

83. There are approximately 600 Buddhist temples in Hong Kong.

84. The happiest number of Hong Kongers is 8.

85. Hong Kong people try to avoid the number 14.

86. Hong Kong is one of the noisiest cities in the world.

87. Hong Kong is famous for the intersection of Western and Eastern cultures.

88. The most expensive toilet in the world is in this city, it is made of pure gold.

89. Trees in Hong Kong even grow from walls.

90. There is an environmental struggle in Hong Kong.

91. Hong Kong has the best beach holiday, because the beaches there are excellent.

92. This the city has warm and dry winters.

93. Hong Kong is a country with about 7 million people, 500,000 of whom are millionaires.

94. Hong Kong’s political parties are not controlled.

95. Hong Kong’s shopping district has the cheapest restaurant.

96. Hong Kong also has the longest suspension bridge called Tsing Ma.

97. Hong Kong is the only city where there are double-decker trams.

98. Filipinos living in Hong Kong have picnics every Sunday.

99. Breakfast at home in this city is not customary, because Hong Kongers they don’t have time to cook food.

100. In a pharmacy in Hong Kong, 2 patients with one Different complaints will receive different treatment.

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