100 interesting facts about Georgia

Georgia is an amazing country that attracts tourists from all over the world with its majestic mountains, endless fields, long rivers and hospitable people. This country is famous for the best barbecue and wine, clean nature and temperate climate, entertainment for every taste. Georgians know the best toasts in the world, they know how to sing and dance well. Georgians are also characterized by magical beauty and charisma. Next, we offer you to see more exciting and interesting facts about Georgia.

1. Georgians call their state Sakartvelo.

2. Much earlier than the Ukrainians, the inhabitants of Georgia became Christians.

3. Only elderly people speak Russian in Georgia.

4. The signs on the territory of Georgia are made in 2 languages: in English and Georgian.

5. Georgian police are generous, because the police favorably treat people, including tourists.

6. There are paid elevators in Georgia, for who will have to pay money.

7. In this country, the head of everything is a man.

8. When guests come to a house in Georgia, they do not ask for slippers and do not change shoes, because this is a sign of impoliteness.

9. Georgia is a state that is famous for a huge number of legends.

10. In ancient times, Spain and Georgia had a single name.

11. Before speaking Georgian words, it is better to make sure that their pronunciation is correct. A word can drastically change its meaning due to the slightest mistake.

12. Georgia has a desire to become a second Mecca.

13. In Georgia, after drinking alcohol, it is better not to drive a car. There you can call the police who will take you home.

14. In this country, people hang laundry everywhere.

15. Men in Georgia kiss on the cheek.

16. On Georgian holidays, the toastmaster is considered the main specialty.

17. There is a special attitude to toasts in Georgia. Toast is sacred.

18. In this state, barbecue is not eaten with a fork, there are hands for this.

19. There must be greens on the Georgian table without fail.

20. The word of the father in this country is sacred.

21. The attitude of Georgians to the family is good. This is the main thing that can happen in the life of every inhabitant of Georgia.

22. Some regions of Georgia have retained the custom of stealing a bride.

23. The long-term enmity of Georgian families usually begins with a refusal to attend a wedding. There you can’t refuse it.

24. During a Georgian wedding, the groom’s relatives should give gold to a young girl.

25. Everyone comes to a funeral in Georgia, and you need to take something with you: wine, food.

26. Georgia is the ancestor of winemaking.

27. Natives from Georgia were by the first Europeans.

28. The most ancient thread, which is 34,000 years old, was found in Georgia.

29. Gold mines of ancient times were also found in Georgia.

30. Jews have been living in Georgia for over 2600 years.

31. Georgia is one of the first states to leave the CIS and one of the last to join the CIS. (December 3, 1993 entered the Commonwealth, August 18, 2009 left the CIS).

32. The Georgian flag is very similar to the flag of Jerusalem.

33. At one time, Byron often visited this country.

34. The shortest river Reprua flows in Georgia.

35. Georgia is considered one of those states where there has never been anti-Semitism.

36. Mayakovsky was born and raised in Georgia.

37. There are 3 alphabets in Georgia.

38. There is a word in the Georgian language in which 8 consonants go in a row.

39. In Georgia, everyone smokes in the room.

40. Snow is rare in Georgia.

41. Georgia has its own version of the Russian language.

42. The Russian language is a compulsory subject in Georgian schools.

43. Many Georgian children call their parents by their first names.

44. Georgians are hospitable.

45. In Georgia, it is impossible to ride a hare, because the controllers are on duty at the end of each stop.

46. The Rtveli grape festival is taking place in Georgia.

47. In the process of building houses in Georgia, they are screwed into the mountain.

48. Despite stereotypes, Georgian highlanders practically do not drink wine.

49. Georgia is considered a state of contrasts.

50. Georgian extreme riding is the skate of all residents.

51. Georgian schoolchildren start their studies at the end of September. The specific date is determined 2 weeks in advance.

52. Numbers in Georgia are pronounced according to the decimal system.

53. Georgian folk dances and songs are protected by UNESCO.

54. The Golden Fleece from the famous novel was kept in Georgia.

55. Prometheus was chained to a rock, which is located in this state.

56. Georgia is an Orthodox state, although many people think differently.

57. There is no hot water or central heating in Georgia.

58. When guests come to Georgian families, they should first of all kiss old people and children.

59. In Georgia, adults are not called by their first names and patronymics.

60. Georgians are proud of their wine.

61. At least 500 varieties of grapes grow in this state.

62. The underground city in Georgia is the hallmark of this country.

63. In 1976, the Georgian song “ Chakrula” sent into space as a message to aliens.

64. Tbilisi is a city of Georgia, which was previously considered an Arab city.

65. Georgian fairy tales are very similar to Indian mythology.

66. Kutaisi is a city of Georgia, which is its capital of thieves.

67. Georgians are used to eating with their hands.

68. In ancient times, there was a nursery for monkeys in Georgia, on which experiments were subsequently carried out.

69. Griboedov’s comedy “Woe from Wit” was written in Georgia.

70. Ancient Mtskheta is considered the capital of Georgia.

71. The first Pope who visited Georgia was John Paul II, it happened on November 8, 1999. Pope Francis came to Georgia for the second time on September 30, 2016.

72. Georgia is the third state to adopt Christianity.

73. In ancient times Georgia was called Iberia.

74. Beer is not toasted in Georgia. When drinking beer there, a person wishes death.

75. The first remains of the human race were found in this state.

76. Georgia wants to make English the second state language.

77. Georgia is striving to become a tourist state.

78. The spoken Georgian language cannot be compared with any other language in the world.

79. Georgia has modern buildings.

80. Georgian men can hold hands while walking.

81. Georgia is one of the homophobic states of the world space.

82. Georgians’ attitude to power is skeptical, because this state is long time was not considered independent.

83. There are no accents in the Georgian language.

84. This country has a very ancient culture.

85. For a long time, Georgia was considered a place the intersection of all world roads.

86. A large territory of this country was given under the national parks of Georgia.

87. In the pharmacy of Georgia, you can get not only the right medicine, but also qualified advice.

88. For the first time, people learned about Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, as a medical resort.

89. Georgia is a rapidly developing state.

90. Bribes are not given to anyone in Georgia.

91. Cars in Georgia are the cheapest in the world.

92.In Georgia, a stolen phone can put you in jail for 5 years.

93. Georgia is distinguished by the fact that cashiers have the lowest salaries.

94. There are no dormitories in higher educational institutions in Georgia.

95. Georgia has a picturesque fortress of the 17th century.

96. Georgians have a belief: in order to remove damage from the family, a man must urinate on any charmed object found.

97. Young Georgians hardly speak Russian.

98. Marriage in Georgia means that a guy and a girl live together, regardless of whether the marriage is registered.

99. The significance of registering marriage and wedding ceremony is the same for Georgians.

100. The Caucasus Mountains are is the highest massif in Georgia.

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