100 interesting facts about India

India is considered a country of contrasts, and it is fraught with many secrets. Interesting facts about India include the historical development of the country, and the traditions, and characteristics of the people living there. Everyone can be interested in India. Interesting facts about this state give the impression that this country is extraordinary. And indeed it is. Interesting facts about India will impress all travelers and lovers of ancient culture. Both children and adults will be interested in reading this collection.

1. In terms of the number of inhabitants, India is considered the second country in the world.

2. The national currency of India is the rupee.

3. Most murders occur in this state in a year.

4. A large number of Indians live on 2-3 dollars a day.

5. In India, toilet paper is not used. Near the toilets there you can find a shower.

6. Approximately 35% of Indians are poor citizens.

7. Chess was first created in this country.

8. The first cotton material was created in India.

9. If a person in India shakes his head left and right, then he agrees with something.

10. There are no alcoholic beverages on free sale in India.

11. In India they love eat spicy food.

12. Each state of India has its own language.

13. Banana leaves in India are often used as a plate.

14. Guests at wedding in India can be about 2000 people.

15. Geometry and algebra appeared in this state.

16. Approximately 5000 years ago yoga was born in India.

17. The mourning color of the Indians is white, not black.

18. India is considered the largest consumer of gold.

19. In India there is a spring festival called Holly. On this day, Indians are sprinkled with colored paints, so they wish each other happiness.

20. Indians do not use cutlery, they are used to eating with their hands.

21. India is a multinational state.

22. India is considered the country of fairy tales and fables.

23. It is impossible to find a washing machine at a Hindu’s house. If a person can afford to buy such a device, then he will have enough money to hire a housewife.

24. In India, the wife of her husband never calls by name.

25. Indians believe that that good wives’ husbands do not die, and therefore it is difficult for widows to live in India.

26. India is the oldest civilization in the world.

27. India is considered the birthplace of 4 major religions.

28. The Kama Sutra appeared in India. And it includes not only poses in pictures, but also text about what a righteous life is.

29. The first university in India is Takshila.

30. India has more post offices than any other country.

31. There are about 30,000 working mosques in India.

32. Shipping also appeared for the first time in India.

33. Until the 17th century, India was considered the richest country, but when the British arrived there, this opinion became wrong.

34. For 10,000 years of the existence of this state, no other state was captured by it.

35. India became famous for its own cinema. It is the kindest of all those that exist in the world.

36. Calculation features come from India.

37. The world famous hookah for smoking also appeared in India.

38. The Hindus were not inferior in terms of literature, because the content of their works was always instructive.

39. Only the Hindus managed to tame the largest animal – the elephant.

40. India is considered the largest democratic state in the world.

41. India has 6 seasons.

42. Once upon a time, India was an island.

43. This state has the highest death rate.

44. Almost all the world’s spices belong to India.

45. Every 10th girl in India is killed because of her dowry.

46. In India even now there is slavery. There are about 14 million slaves in this country.

47. In some families of India, girls are killed at birth, knowing that she will not be able to continue the race.

48. Celebrated in this country and death day.

49. Corpses in India are most often burned.

50. The most famous place in India is the Taj Mahal.

51. The Persian lion lives only in India.

52. Fabrics produced in India are sold all over the world. That is why India is considered the center of fashion.

53. The largest sundial is located in India.

54. The largest family, consisting of 39 wives, 94 children and 39 grandchildren, is in India.

55. Rupees are prohibited from being taken out of India by law.

56. Washstands are found at every step in India.

57. Hindus consider the Ganges river to be a sacred place.

58. Indian cafes do not have menus.

59. Almost all Indians are vegetarians.

60. Milk is considered a vegetarian dish in India because the animal does not suffer while giving it.

61. Even in those houses in India where there is a table, people eat on the floor.

62. In India, there is a holiday that is celebrated only once every 12 years. It is called the Kumbha Mela.

63. India is the largest English-speaking nation.

64. Women from India almost never swim in the ocean.

65. You won’t be able to find cottage cheese and sour cream in Indian stores.

66. Children often play cricket on school playgrounds in India.

67. The sacred animal of India is the cow.

68. In India, cars drive on the left.

69. Tipping in cafes in India can be left at will.

70. Indians start at 5 am.

71. Cellular communications are very cheap in India.

72. Many dance styles appeared in this state. These are Katak, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Sttria, Mohinniatam.

73. India has the highest bridge in the world.

74. Hindus do not cremate or bury relatives.

75. Social identification in India is based on the style and color of the clothes of the inhabitants.

76. In the 20th century in India, girls were getting married even at the age of 13.

77. In India, buses may not have glass windows.

78. Training is expensive in this country.

74. In order for a child to be born on an auspicious day, in India it is allowed to induce premature birth or perform a caesarean section.

75. Hindus honor their family.

76. Sons in India are valued more than daughters.

77. The basics of difficult surgical interventions appeared in India.

78. In India, only women can be flight attendants and pilots.

79. Cult light skin is in this state.

80. The largest number of abortions is done in this country.

81. Men in India are “close friends.” They can walk down the street holding a hand or hugging.

82. If a girl in India is told that her gait is similar to that of an elephant, then the chosen one will be yours.

83. C South India is surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

84. 2000 years ago, India began to create sugar from cane.

85. India is considered the largest consumer of whiskey. Approximately 600 million liters of this drink are drunk there annually.

86. For the first time, martial arts appeared in India.

87. In terms of the number of films produced per year, India is considered the third country in the world.

88. There is an overabundance of males in India.

89. Some Indian villages have a tradition of throwing newborns off the roof.

90. It is considered indecent to touch the head of an Indian.

91. In India, cow urine is sold in a bottle. It is taken into the body or rubbed into the body.

92. Indian music includes a large number of styles.

93. In the process of cooking, Indians do not try it.

94. In India, marriages of people with animals happen.

95. New Year in India is celebrated for 5 days. And this celebration is called Diwali.

96. The groom’s parents play the leading role in choosing a bride for their son. They choose a girl for him from childhood.

97. Women in India are prohibited from free communication with male representatives.

98. There is no handshake in India.

99. Hindus can point their fingers at each other in the street.

100. Many manifestations of feelings in public in India are punishable by law.

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