100 interesting facts about Japan and the Japanese

Japan is without a doubt a unique state. The ancient traditions of the people have always been of interest to residents of other countries. Interesting facts about Japan will tell not only about the peculiarities of life in this state, but also about the nature, population, culture of this people.

70 facts about Japan

1. In Japan, February 11 is a national holiday – the Day of the Foundation of the Empire.

2. In Japan, it is customary to use eating dolphins.

3. On Valentine’s Day in Japan, gifts are given and only girls show sympathy.

4. The slowest McDonald’s operate in Japan.

5. In Japan, it is customary to make snowmen from only two balls.

6. In Japan, fruits are very expensive, but fish and meat are cheap.

7. Tipping is not given in Japan.

8. There is no looting during earthquakes in this state.

9. Colonel Sanders is one of the most important symbols of Christmas in Japan.

10. In Japan, even the grocery store sells magazines and films for adults.

11. There are women-only carriages in the Japanese subway. This is done so that no one harasses girls during rush hour.

12. This country has one of the lowest percentages of rape in the world.

13. Policemen from Japan are the most honest people in the world, because they never take bribes.

14. The school year in Japan starts on April 1 and is divided into trimesters.

15. The age of 13 in Japan is the age of consent. From this age, residents can voluntarily agree to intimate relationships, and this will not be violence.

16. Skirts of school uniforms in Japan vary in length depending on age: the older the student, the shorter the skirt.

17. If a dress, skirt or shorts on a woman in Japan is short to such an extent that panties and buttocks are visible, then this is normal. Deep cleavage is unacceptable in Japan.

18. Japan is the only country in the world where a train delay of 1 minute is considered a significant delay.

19. This country has one of the highest suicide rates.

20. In Japan, 30% of marriages occur as a result of matchmaking arranged by parents.

21. Japanese are terrible workaholics.

22. In all the cities of Japan located in the north, where snow falls in winter, there is heating of sidewalks and streets.

23. There is no central heating in this country. Everyone heats their home as best they can.

24. It is bad manners to come to work on time in this country.

25. In Japan, you can smoke everywhere except airports and railway stations.

26. Formally, Japan is still considered an empire.

27. On the streets of Japan you can see a flowerpot with umbrellas, which are intended for those who forgot the umbrella at home.

28. In Japanese, 3 types of writing are used simultaneously: katakana, hiragana and kanji.

29. There are no guest workers in Japan.

30. Almost all railways in Japan are private.

31. Months do not have names in Japanese. They are designated by numbers.

32. 98.4% of the population of Japan are ethnic Japanese.

33. In this country, prisoners do not have the right to vote in elections.

34. About 200 volcanoes are located on the territory of Japan.

35. The capital of Japan is the safest metropolis in the world.

36. Article number 9 of the Japanese Constitution forbids the country to have its own army and take part in wars.

37. There are no landfills in Japan. This is due to the fact that all garbage is recycled.

38. There is not a single trash can on the streets of Japan.

39. Pensions are very small in Japan.

40. The lowest level of vandalism is in Japan.

41. In Japan, men are always the first to greet.

42. All toilets in Japan are equipped with heating.

43. The favorite drink in Japan is tea.

44. Theatrical performance in Japan can last even 8 hours.

45. In Japan, there is the death penalty.

46. ​​Instead of a signature in this country, they put a nominal seal – hanko. Every Japanese has this seal.

47. In the cities of Japan, left-hand traffic.

48. In Japan, it is considered offensive to open a gift in the presence of the person who gave it.

49. One sixth of Japan is covered with forests.

50. In Japan, it is forbidden to cut down forests for commercial purposes.

51. In Japan, you can eat loudly champing.

52. Approximately 3,000 companies that are over 200 years old are located in this state.

53. In 2017, Japan celebrated its 2677th anniversary. It was officially founded on February 11, 660 BC.

54. More than 50,000 people over 100 years old live in Japan.

55. In Japan, a public transport ticket is very dear.

56. The monkeys that live in Japan know how to steal wallets.

57. There are more animals in Japan than children under the age of 15.

58. Japan is called the Land of the Rising Sun.

59. Hinomaru is the name of the national flag of Japan.

60. The main Japanese goddess is the goddess of the Sun.

61. Japan’s anthem is called “Emperor’s Rule.”

62. Most of the phones, which are sold in Japan, are waterproof.

63. Square watermelons are sold in Japan.

64. Vending machines are very common in Japan.

65. Crooked teeth in Japan are a sign of beauty.

66. The art of folding paper figures – origami, originally from Japan.

67. In Japan there is a restaurant where they work as waiters monkeys.

68. Japanese cuisine is very popular all over the world.

69. Rice is a staple food in Japan.

70. In Japan, money is made from nothing. Read also facts about money.

30 facts about the Japanese

1. The Japanese love to make pizza from grain and mayonnaise.

2. Japanese eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. Japanese are considered to be one of the leaders in terms of life expectancy.

4. Before entering the house, the Japanese always remove take off your shoes.

5. Instead of cutlery, the Japanese have chopsticks.

6. Every day, the inhabitants of this country buy meat, vegetables and fish, as they prefer fresh products.

7. There are no floors in hospitals for the Japanese.

8. To protect their homes, the Japanese use not only dogs, but also crickets.

9. While bathing, while soaping their body, the Japanese do not sit in the bath. They lather outside the bathroom, then rinse and then sit in the hot bath.

10. Blowing your nose in a public place is not correct for the Japanese.

11.Japanese are incredibly polite people.

12. The Japanese do not know how to rest. They even call 4 weekends in a row a vacation.

13. Many Japanese people sing and draw beautifully.

14. Until the age of 8, little Japanese take a bath instead of their parents.

15. The Japanese like baths and hot springs.

16. It is quite normal in Japanese families when brother and sister do not talk.

17. For any reason, the Japanese give money.

18. The Japanese believe almost everything, and therefore are considered too naive people.

19. The Japanese are very fond of dancing.

20. It is very easy to confuse the Japanese.

21. It is believed that if you manage to excite a Japanese, then his nose bleeds.

22. The Japanese are very fond of pets.

23. Japanese rarely talk in supermarkets “thank you”.

24. A large number of people in Japan scold their own country.

25. The Japanese have a very common practice of adopting adult children.

26. Japanese girls do not wear pantyhose.

27. Japanese serve tea after every meal.

28. Japanese love to sleep at work and they are not punished for it.

29. Japanese love to repeat everything.

30. Japanese girls cut their hair after breaking up with a guy.

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