90 interesting facts about China

One can’t help but like interesting facts about China. Both children and adults would be happy to learn something new and funny about this state. In addition, both ancient and modern China have many secrets and discoveries.

1. China is considered the most ancient civilization in the world.

2. Archaeological finds that have been found in this country are up to 8000 years old.

3. Wealthy people in China hire look-alikes and send them to prison instead of themselves if necessary.

4. China is responsible for 29% of San Francisco’s air pollution.

5. There are more people in China who speak English than in the US.

6. There is a site in China where you can rent a girl for $31 a week.

7. China is considered the most populous state in the world.

8. Toilet paper first appeared in China in the 1300s.

9. Gunpowder first appeared in this state.

10. China lives in only one time zone.

11. White is considered mourning in China.

12. A necessary part of life in China is tea drinking.

13. People in China do not like to sunbathe. Sunburn is not considered fashionable among them.

14. Marriages in China are often concluded late.

15. The color of the holiday in China is red.

16. In China the lowest divorce rate.

17. The symbol of good luck in China is the bat.

18. China is considered the world mushroom producer.

19. Not accepted in China queues.

20. 70% of the Chinese population wear glasses.

21. In China, they do not prefer to eat liver and kidneys.

22. Chinese people are not compassionate towards animals. That is why they use animals where they can earn extra money.

23. Vegetables in China are never eaten raw. They are either boiled or steamed.

24. In China, you can see children with holes in their pants, so they can relieve themselves at any time they need.

25. Vacation in China everyone starts at the same time, before the New Year.

26. Chopsticks were invented in China.

27. Rice is the basis of most Chinese dishes.

28. In China, it is customary for women who have given birth to a child to stay in bed for 30 days after giving birth.

29. Chinese people drink alcohol only in large companies.

30. In China, large the percentage of vegetarians.

20 interesting facts about Ancient China

1. Football originated in ancient China, because ancient people played this game back in 1000 years.

2. Mushrooms are a favorite dish of the ancient Chinese.

3. In ancient Chinese calendars, the year began with the first new moon after the winter solstice.

4. In ancient China, the dragon was considered an honorary symbol. It was depicted in mythology.

5. The main symbols of Ancient China were birds.

6. In Ancient China there were harems.

7. Mythology of Ancient China says that a mirror protects the house.

8. Suspension bridges were invented by the ancient Chinese.

9. Paper was created by the ancient Chinese.

10. Silk making is a skill of the ancient Chinese.

11. About 6000 years ago, the ancient Chinese civilization was born.

12. The ancient Chinese invented lacquer. They covered shoes and wooden products with it to protect them from getting wet.

13. Ancient Chinese thinkers made a significant contribution to the development of philosophy.

14. In ancient China, people could be cruelly executed for smuggling silk.

15. The ancient Chinese began to eat mushrooms about 3000 years ago.

16. Confucius was an ancient Chinese sage.

17. The compass was created in Ancient China.

18. In ancient China, beds were equipped with heating and central heating.

19. White tea is the favorite drink of the ancient Chinese.

20. In ancient China, the world’s first seismograph was invented.

20 interesting facts about the Great Wall of China

1. The total length of the Great Wall of China reaches 8851 km 800 m.

2. The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made structure in the world.

3. When laying stone blocks to build the wall, glutinous rice porridge with the addition of slaked lime was used.

4. This building is the longest and largest cemetery in the world.

5. The Chinese Wall can be seen from space.

6. The Great Wall of China is included in the UNESCO list.

7. The Chinese Wall is a recognized symbol of China.

8.In 2004, the largest tourist visit to the Chinese Wall was recorded, more than 41.8 million tourists visited it.

9. About 2 millennia was spent on the construction of the Chinese Wall.

10. The Great Wall of China is not one of the wonders of the Ancient World.

11. The wall changed its name several times.

12. The first Europeans could not set foot on the territory of the Chinese Wall.

13. In 1644, the construction of the Great Wall of China was completed.

14. The wall in China has been a venue for many sports.

15. Battles on the territory of the Chinese wall have been fought for many years.

16. The Chinese wall began to be built in 221 BC.

17. Night visits are organized on the Chinese Wall.

18. The military were the builders of the Great Wall of China.

19. It is impossible to see the Chinese Wall on the local currency.

20. The wall has good acoustics.

20 interesting facts about Chinese

1. Chinese is spoken by about 1.4 billion people.

2. Chinese is one of the most ancient languages.

3. This the language has a huge number of dialects.

4. There are about 100 thousand Chinese characters.

5. A feature of the Chinese language is its tonality.

6. Chinese has a simple grammar.

7. Most of the characters in Chinese are similar.

8. The character that speaks of difficulties has an image of 2 women under One roof.

9. There is no punctuation in Chinese.

10. There are no Chinese keyboards in the world.

11. This language is listed in the Book Guinness World Records.

12. Chinese is rightfully considered one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world.

13. There are no words “Yes”, “No” in Chinese.

14. Most surnames in China are written in one syllable.

15. Chinese speakers have excellent hearing.

16. Chinese is the second most popular language among all languages ​​in the world.

17. Chinese is considered a status and respected language: it is considered the 6th language of all the working languages ​​of the UN.

18. Chinese has no alphabet.

19. There are 7 dialect groups in Chinese.

20. Depending on intonation, words in Chinese may sound in different ways.

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