12 interesting facts about pine trees

Pine — a tree that grows widely in many countries. Pine wood is highly valued for its properties, and is used to make a wide variety of items, from furniture to toothpicks. The once tall and straight pine trunks were used to make ship masts.

Interesting facts about pines

  1. Pine trees grow only in the Northern Hemisphere. At least in the wild.
  2. The external resemblance to spruce is not deceptive — these trees are relatives (interesting facts about spruce).
  3. In total, there are almost two hundred species of pines in the world.
  4. The Latin name of the pine is translated as «rock». This title is deservedly received — pine really knows how to cling to roots even on bare stones.
  5. Pine wood is used to make artificial silk and leather substitutes.
  6. The tallest of all pines — pine Lambert. In nature, it grows mainly in the United States and Canada. Old trees reach a height of 70-80 meters.
  7. In Southeast Asia, the Bunge pine grows, notable for its white bark.
  8. Swamp Pine — the owner of the longest needles among all conifers. Its needles reach a length of 40-45 centimeters.
  9. Pine purifies the air very well. Experiments have shown that the air of a pine forest contains 60-70 thousand times fewer microbes than in urban areas (interesting facts about trees).
  10. Pine needles have been used in traditional folk medicine for more than one thousand years.
  11. Amber is most often the fossilized resin of pine trees, and not any other trees.
  12. Pine wood is very durable. A house built of pine, with proper care, will last for hundreds of years.
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