120 interesting facts about Greece

Greece is an ancient country with its own customs and traditions. As about any country, there are many interesting things to tell about Greece. Tourists like to travel around Greece very much, because it is not in vain that this country makes a profit every year.

1. In Greece people smoke a lot.

2. The Greeks do not like tea, they only drink coffee in large quantities.

3. When meeting, the Greeks kiss on the cheeks, even men.

4. Greece is a paradise for the sweet tooth. A large assortment of sweets at a low price is offered in this country.

5. In a cafe, after placing an order, the waiter will definitely bring a glass of water, even if they didn’t ask.

6. Service to cafe visitors is very slow, so the idea of ​​​​a soft drink is just right.

7. A visit to the guests takes place only with sweets or watermelon. Greeks love guests, so you won’t be able to leave hungry.

8. Greeks are neutral towards the people of many countries. A better attitude is manifested if they are of the same religion.

9. Registration of marriage among the Greeks does not take place in the registry office. They immediately have a wedding and registration in the church. Therefore, they live either in a “civil” marriage, or married.

10. When marrying, the wife’s surname does not change, and the children are given the surname of one of the parents, taking into account their desire.

11. In practice, the Greeks do not get divorced.

12. Baptism is considered a great holiday among loved ones and is widely celebrated.

13. The number of members in the family is huge, so up to 250 people of relatives and friends walk on holidays.

14. Greeks are a noisy nation. They speak loudly and at the same time accompany the speech with sweeping hand gestures.

15. Greece is rich in monuments with an ancient and unique history. Therefore, almost every 100 meters you can find a fenced area where excavations of historical objects are carried out.

16. 90% of the total area is occupied by small towns and villages. The houses are built small, only 5 floors. If there are tall buildings, then these are most likely offices or hotels.

17. The roads are all smooth. There are paid and free.

18. Greek drivers are terrible. Although pedestrians are not far away from them. There is a feeling that in Greece there are no traffic rules, or they have simply been forgotten by everyone.

19. Buses run frequently, but until 23:00. Each public transport has a board showing when the next bus will arrive.

20. The services of taxi drivers can be found everywhere, if they are not on strike. Although the trip is very expensive.

21. You can find a car for rent, but it is difficult. It is easier to do this in resort areas.

22. Gasoline is very expensive: about 1.8 euros per liter.

23. There are no traditional gas stations in Greece. In cities, these are small gas stations that are located on the ground floor of a residential building. To fill up a car on the highway, you will need to leave the road and drive about 10 km.

24. Greece is an expensive country. Big discounts come from July to August. They buy everything in stores.

25. Supermarkets are open daily. Although on some days before lunch, and on other days – only after lunch, and there are days when they do not work at all. After eight in the evening you can not find more than one open store, only small kiosks where you can buy small things, cigarettes and drinks.

26. Medical care – paid and free, with its own shortcomings and advantages. In order for a doctor to open his own clinic, he needs to work in a state medical institution for 7 years.

27. The profession of a doctor is very popular among the Greeks. In almost every home you can find a practicing doctor. Especially popular are cardiologists, ophthalmologists and dentists.

28. Getting a higher education is expensive. Therefore, many leave to study in other countries.

29. Legislation is aimed at protecting the rights of children. For example, when buying a house together, the whole family, including children, has equal shares. At the same time, the wishes of the parents are not taken into account.

30. You won’t find homeless people in Greece.

31. Greece is washed by three seas.

32. Many Greeks speak German and English well.

33. The metro line is located only in Athens, although it is small.

34. Hitchhiking among tourists is common. On other people’s cars, you can visit almost the entire country.

35. In Greece, people get up around 5 am and go to bed at 24 o’clock.

36. The Greeks are strict about silence. From 14:00 to 16:30 (siesta time) heat sets in, shops close, people rest or sleep.

37. Greeks do not like to be disturbed during their rest or sleep: during a siesta or at night. Then the police will definitely visit you.

38. Many tourists visit Greece every year.

39. The cost of groceries in supermarkets is higher than ours. Although alcoholic drinks are cheaper, in particular beer.

40. Greeks love football and tourists are warned not to go to stadiums during football matches.

41. Often on the streets you can smell the sewers.

42. Greece has the lowest crime rate, but still believe that the police do nothing.

43. When buying things in the markets, bargain. You have a chance to buy something much cheaper.

44. Clean people live in Greece, so it is impossible to see garbage lying around on the streets and beaches.

45. In some reservoirs, you cannot enter the water without shoes, as you can step on a sea urchin.

46. Greece is famous for its olive plantations, and their olives are much larger than ours.

47. Figs grow on almost every corner.

48. There are a lot of churches in Athens.

49. The cause of all diseases among the Greeks is one – hypothermia.

50. All year round, the markets offer a large assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables.

51. Often the name of the child is given only after the rite of baptism.

52. Almost everyone, regardless of age, can dance folk dances.

53. Despite the differences in age, they only refer to “you”.

54. Comparing with our education, they are practically taught only to write and read at school. All other knowledge they receive on paid courses.

55. Students do not know that they can take exams orally.

56. Without insurance, treatment will be very expensive.

57. Men will not marry a woman with a child, although they rarely leave their legitimate children.

58. You can not baptize a child if the parents did not get married in the church.

59. Having a mistress is not considered bad. If the wife finds out, then it’s okay. They can also be friends.

60. Knowing the pedigree is very important for them.

61. There are no nuclear power plants in Greece. Only CHP plants that use coal or use natural energy sources.

62. Now the entire male population of Greece is required to serve in the army.

63. Grandparents live with their family until they die. They don’t have nursing homes.

64. Reading books is not common among them. They are too lazy to waste their energy on this.

65. Greeks are required to take part in elections at the age of 18.

66. The “OK” gesture is offensive and exposes you as a homosexual.

67. Schoolchildren read a prayer before lessons.

68. Traditionally, they burn study books after training. It is not customary for them to learn from used textbooks.

69. In Greece, young people dream of being a teacher, because they have such a profession that pays well.

70. They love their national fast food called souvlaki. They eat it in unlimited quantities.

71. They replaced the usual question mark with a semicolon: “;”.

72. A high abortion rate in Greece, although there are the strongest families.

73. It is better to visit Greece from January to March, as the annual carnivals take place at this time.

74. The national Greek anthem has 158 verses.

75. There is no huge production in this country, but agriculture is developed at a high level.

76. It is not a problem for them to be late or not to come to a meeting or work at all.

77. There are a large number of cafes and restaurants in cities, but they only work until one in the morning.

78. Almost 80% of the entire area is occupied by mountains.

79. Greece owns over 2000 islands, but only 170 of them are inhabited.

80. Budget professions are in great demand and are well paid.

81. The Greeks are considered the founders of mathematics.

82. Of the total marble production, Greece extracts 7%.

83. Greece has no navigable rivers due to its mountainous terrain.

84. Over 40% of the population lives in Athens.

85. Greece has more international airports than other countries.

86. It was in Greece that the Olympic Games were born.

87. Without any connections and helpers it is impossible to get a job.

88. Greece was the first to write a cookbook consisting mainly of seafood.

89. There are a large number of small companies in which the owners themselves and their relatives work.

90. All public transport in the country is state-owned.

91. Greeks spend most of their lives in cafes, and they only sleep at home and sometimes eat.

92. They get married closer to thirty and before marriage they often live together for a long time, about 6 years.

93. In the middle of the 20th century, education was rare, so you can meet representatives of the older generation who cannot read and write.

94. It is sunny almost 250 days a year in Greece.

95. Greeks respect traditions.

96. The Aegean Sea ranks third in terms of salinity in the world.

97. Mostly the national cuisine of Greece consists of seafood.

98. A gift for the New Year should consist of a stone as a symbol of wealth.

99. In Greece, the dead cannot be cremated, they are only buried.

100. The population is about 11 million.

Interesting facts about the sights of Greece

1. The mainland is separated from the Peloponnese island due to such an attraction as the Korinsky Gulf.

2. Fifth Crete is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

3.The most important architectural asset of Greece is the Acropolis, which rises above the historical center of Athens.

4.The island of Rhodes is also called the “Island of the Knights”, and this is the largest island of the Dodecanese.

5. Plaka is the district of the Gods.

6.About 5 thousand spectators can fit in the ancient Greek theater in Delphi.

7.The most famous Acropolis of Greece is the Acropolis of Athens.

8.In ancient times, Delphi was the center of religious and social life of citizens.

9.Approximately 205 halls are available in the Palace of the Grand Masters, which is considered one of the main attractions of Greece.

10.The Samaria Gorge is considered the national park of Greece.

11.The ancient city of Greece is called the miracle of the seas with the name Mistra.

12. Such a landmark of Greece as Cape Sounion was mentioned in the Odyssey.

13. The Acropolis is a visiting map of Greece.

14. The “Labyrinth of the Minotaur” is the second landmark of Greece.

15.The ancient fire temple of Hephaestus is located on the territory of the agora.

16.Knossos Palace, which today is considered a landmark of Greece, was built 4000 years back.

17.On the rocky peaks of Greece there is a unique attraction of this state – the Monasteries of Meteora.

18.Vergina is famous for the burial places of the great Macedonian rulers.

19.On On the slope of Mount Olympus there is a National Greek Park with beautiful plants.

20. The volcano of the same name regularly erupts on the island of Santorini.

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