100 interesting facts about Germany

Germany is world famous for its delicious and frothy beer, mouth-watering fried sausages and impeccable cars. This is one of the most developed countries in the world. High wages, comfortable living conditions, low unemployment make Germany attractive for emigrants. The Germans are responsible and punctual, they value impeccable quality and comfort, and at the same time they know how to have fun in their free time. Next, we suggest viewing more interesting and surprising facts about Germany.

1. Schnitzel and fried sausage with French fries is a German favorite dish.

2. 90% of the inhabitants have a bicycle, but only 80% use it.

3. Every city has a council building (Rathaus). This is a very beautiful building, made in the old days.

4. 90% of the inhabitants drink beer, and the remaining 10% wine.

5. The weather in Germany is often rainy. Summer is either cold or very hot, there are no moderate temperatures.

6. Public transport runs on schedule, rarely late.

7. The salary tax is 35%.

8. Every worker pays a church tax. So to speak, donates to the temple.

9. Women retire at the age of 65, and men at 67.

10. 75% of residents have dogs and treat them like children.

11. Punctuality is loved in Germany, but 60% of Germans are not punctual.

12. It’s normal to burp food on time, if a child burps at the table, they tell him: “To your health.”

13. Blowing your nose at the table is also normal.

14. More women live in Germany than men.

15. Not only mom, but also dad can be on maternity leave. Each parent can stay at home with a child up to 3 years old.

16. Favorite German sport game is football. From early childhood, a child is taught to play football, even if he does not want to. It is simply imposed on him.

17. The clothes of the inhabitants of Germany should be comfortable, not beautiful. It is better to buy branded clothes once and wear them for 5 years, buy cheap ones every season.

18. 80% of women wear jeans and sneakers, not skirts and shoes. It’s just that it’s so convenient for them and it doesn’t matter what they think about them.

19. The Germans love to save money. This is a rule or a law.

20. Germans love to travel, especially pensioners.

21. Every quarter in Germany they spend holidays on carousels.

22. There are no convenience stores in Germany, only gas station stalls.

23. Most Germans live alone.

24. The city will pay for an apartment of 42.9 sq. m. and help to equip it.

25. 77% of Germans have a car. The more expensive and newer the car, the more it pays tax.

26. 61% of Germans use the Internet every day.

27. 95% of Germans have a home phone.

28. 80% of Germans have a mobile phone.

29. 62% of Germans have a dishwasher at home.

30. 45% of Germans have loans that will pay off in 20-30 years.

31. The largest rivers that flow in Germany are the Rhine, Oder, Danube, Elbe, Main, Moselle.

32. You must show your ticket to the driver before getting on the bus.

33. It is forbidden to leave the bus through the front door, only in case of emergency.

32. 67% of the population of Germany are Christians, and 11% are atheists.

33. More than 15 million immigrants live in Germany, and the total population is 80 million.

34. The variety of dialects in the southern and northern parts is very large. It even happens that the Germans do not understand each other.

35. If the train is 2 hours late, you can get 50% of the ticket price back.

36. There is such a ticket that you can ride on Saturday or Sunday from 9 am to 3 am throughout Germany, up to 5 people for one price. The price is 46 euros. Very cheap.

37. Students receive a travel card for the entire region where they study from the educational institution.

38. Most Germans shower in the morning, not in the evening.

39. The Germans are reluctant to lend.

40. Almost 55% of Germans have a housekeeper.

41. Families with many children (3-4 children) often have nannies who not only look after the children, but also do various housework. Most often these are foreigners from Russia, Poland, Ukraine.

42. The police drive cars from the company “Mercedes”.

43. Bread in stores is tasteless, it is better to buy in a bakery, but it will cost 2-3 times more.

44. Those who do not work receive about 350 euros per person per month from the state. (You can live, but you won’t clear up), although some people have a BMW car.

45. It is forbidden to hit children. For this, they can deprive parental rights.

46. children under 25 years of age receive a child allowance provided that they study at an educational institution.

47. For a slap or insult, you can get a fine of up to 500 euros.

48. In Germany, you can not use gas cartridges or traumatic weapons.

49. About 80% of crimes with the obligatory participation of foreigners.

50. If you are attacked, it is better to run away, the Czech fight back. Otherwise, you can get a fine or even worse article.

51. It is almost impossible to steal in a store, there are sensors or surveillance cameras everywhere.

52. 75% of the population live in rented apartments. Even the richest, but at the same time have their own property abroad, for example, in Spain or Thailand.

53. It is quite difficult to expel the defaulter from the apartment.

54. Once a quarter you have to pay for radio and TV, and no one cares that you do not use it.

55. Repairing clothes is more expensive than buying a new thing.

56. If you forgot your keys in the apartment and you don’t have a spare one, prepare 250 euros in cash immediately.

57. 80% of the population do not carry cash with them. They pay with a bank card even in a cafe or restaurant.

58. There are almost no prohibitions for children, they can do almost everything.

59. There is such insurance: for all occasions. If something happens to you, then you will be paid money.

60. There is a lot of beer in Germany, but good beer is produced only in Bavaria.

61. You can carry a child on a bicycle only in a special seat. Moreover, the child must be sure to wear a helmet, if not, then there will be a fine.

62. In the car, the child must also be in a special seat until the age of 14.

63. In the city center you can often see people with dogs begging for alms. The city also pays them for keeping the dog.

64. The Germans do not like foreigners, but they try to find a common language with them.

65. It is impossible to make noise in the apartment from 13 to 15 hours. At this time there is a quiet hour. You can also get a fine for this.

66. After 22:00 it is forbidden to listen to loud music, dance, sing.

67. It is forbidden to draw German crosses and greet like Hitler.

68. Homosexuals in Germany are normal and should be treated like normal people.

69. Alcohol and cigarettes are only sold to persons over the age of 18. They even ask you to show your passport.

70. On the other hand, girls start taking birth control pills at the age of 14.

71. Germans rarely put on makeup, but if they do, it can be seen from afar. Very strong black makeup. It used to be that German women were the worst, but now this has changed.

72. In Germany, you can call a person much older than yourself if he approves of it.

73. Germany is sick of bioproducts. Almost every city has 3-4 bioshops. It’s hard to tell if these are really good products or not. These stores are especially popular with mothers who want the best for their child. The price there is twice as high.

74. In Germany, they really believe that a blonde is a stupid person.

75. There are two big holidays – Christmas and Easter, the New Year is celebrated modestly, but at Christmas they receive very expensive gifts.

76. At Easter, children look for chocolate eggs and all sorts of sweets, as well as small gifts in the garden that their parents hid themselves. And shops sell chocolate bunnies for this holiday.

77. Dogs in Germany almost never bark and are very friendly to strangers.

78. Almost all Germans do not take off their shoes when entering a house, even their own.

79. People who work for the state do not pay taxes, and it is not so easy to fire them.

80. Germans don’t know how to cook, and that’s a fact. In German families, it is mainly the man who cooks.

81. Germans don’t like to leave tips in a restaurant, if they do, it’s up to 2 euros.

82. Every third person in Germany has a tattoo or piercing.

83. In large supermarkets there is always a shelf with Russian products.

84. Fishing in Germany without a fishing license is prohibited.

85. Discotheques have face control. And if you were not allowed to the disco, even if you are decently dressed, humble yourself and leave.

86. Children’s favorite toy, Teddy bear.

87. The fine for littering on the street reaches up to 40 euros.

88. Germans’ favorite pastries are kalach with salt (Bretzel) and sweet apple strudel (Apfelstrudel).

89. The most common swear word is a hole in the ass (arschloch) or shit (scheise).

90. The most common affectionate word is treasure (schatz).

91. Germans are often called potatoes because they love potatoes very much.

92. There are many pedophiles in Germany. Recently, this has become very aggravated, even in the church there is.

93. My favorite illness is the stomach flu. It spreads very quickly. Lasts from 3 to 5 days.

94. To get to the doctor, you need to appoint a date and time of the visit a month in advance.

95. Most Germans don’t smoke, not because they care about their health, but because cigarettes are very expensive. One pack costs 5 euros.

96. The Germans do not understand humor, it is dangerous to joke with them.

97. Garbage is sorted in Germany: plastic, waste and paper.

98. Old rich Germans often marry young Russian girls.

99. The most delicious ice cream is sold at McDonald’s or Burgerking.

100. German men are very romantic.

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