14 interesting facts about Curacao

Curaçao — it is not only a popular liquor, it is also a paradise island in the Caribbean. Warm sea waters, snow-white beaches, green palm trees, bananas with coconuts… Do you still want to come here? If not, then in vain, because only here you can see an incredible cocktail of Caribbean and Dutch cultures.

Interesting facts about Curacao

  1. The island of Curacao has long been «self-governing territory», that is, not quite an independent state, but in 2010 it officially became part of the Netherlands.
  2. Curaçao includes two islands — Curacao itself and Little Curacao, which is a small uninhabited island.
  3. Despite a modest area of ​​​​444 square kilometers, the relief and nature of Curacao are very diverse.
  4. The architecture here is dominated by the Dutch style. It is very unusual to see bright European-style houses surrounded by palm trees.
  5. Curaçao is surrounded by coral reefs on almost all sides.
  6. The air temperature here practically does not change throughout the year.
  7. Curaçao has several hundred different types of cacti.
  8. Also, amazing birds like pink flamingos live here.
  9. The population here is bilingual — in Papiamento and Dutch. Papiamento is also used on the island of Aruba (interesting facts about Aruba).
  10. In the capital of Curaçao, the city of Willemstad, one of the largest synagogues in the Western hemisphere is located.
  11. The harbor and the area of ​​the inner city of Willemstad are included to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  12. Curaçao’s economy is based on tourism and oil refining.
  13. The island lacks fresh water.
  14. Only about 1% is employed in agriculture working-age population, so that most of the food consumed on the island is imported.
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