18 interesting facts about the Seychelles

Oh, these heavenly Seychelles!. Rest here is the cherished dream of many of our compatriots, and for good reason — few places can enjoy such nature. Gentle ocean waters, hot weather, scorching sun, sun loungers on snow-white beaches…

Interesting facts about the Seychelles

  1. Some plants of the Seychelles are unique. So, on the two islands of the archipelago, the oldest palm trees grow, the fruits of which weigh a couple of tens of kilograms, and ripen for ten years.
  2. The composition of some national dishes here includes bat meat.
  3. From Of the 115 islands that make up the archipelago, only 33 are inhabited.
  4. The capital of the Seychelles, the city of Victoria, got its name in honor of the Queen of England, who ruled in those years when the city was founded. About a quarter of the country’s population lives here.
  5. Head of State in the Seychelles — a president who can serve a maximum of three five-year terms.
  6. The local currency is the «Seychellois rupee». In fact, in many places American dollars and euros will be accepted for payment, but change will be given in rupees, and at a far from the most favorable rate.
  7. Some granite islands of the Seychelles archipelago — the most ancient of all on Earth.
  8. Hurricanes in the Seychelles are extremely rare. Over the past five hundred years, only one has been recorded.
  9. Matriarchy reigns in local families.
  10. The frigate bird living in the Seychelles can stay in the air without landing on the ground for a whole week. The wingspan of an adult frigate reaches three meters.
  11. The capital of the Seychelles, the city of Victoria — the smallest capital of an independent state in the world.
  12. More than half of the entire working-age population in the Seychelles works in the tourism industry, which keeps the economy of the whole country.
  13. The locals themselves prefer to spend their holidays in other countries, if, of course, they can afford it.
  14. The temperature in the Seychelles rarely drops below +25 degrees, but it rarely gets really hot here either.
  15. Left-hand traffic is accepted on local roads, as in England, Japan and Australia (interesting facts about Japan).
  16. Despite the modest total land area of ​​all the islands of the Seychelles archipelago, the country owns about a million square kilometers of water spaces.
  17. Arab navigators visited the Seychelles about a thousand years ago. And the first European to visit them was the famous Vasco da Gama, who mapped them in 1502 (interesting facts about Vasco da Gama).
  18. Palm fibers in the Seychelles are a common material from which clothes, bags are woven and various little things.
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