50 interesting facts about hedgehogs

As it turns out, hedgehogs are rather unusual creatures. Interesting facts about hedgehogs are multifaceted and varied. There are many legends associated with these animals, especially about their needles instead of wool. The eared hedgehog is mysterious. Interesting facts about him will interest and allow you to think. Read below the most interesting facts about hedgehogs.

1. These animals appeared on Earth approximately 15 million years ago.

2. There are approximately 10,000 needles on their body.

3. The needles on the hedgehog’s body are updated once every three years.

4. Needles grow on a hedgehog for about a year.

5. Facts from the life of hedgehogs also indicate that these animals have 36 teeth, which fall out in old age.

6. Hedgehogs hibernate for 128 days.

7. Many varieties of hedgehogs have a short tail.

8. It is a myth that hedgehogs prey on mice. They will never be able to catch up with the mouse.

9. By their nature, hedgehogs are slightly blind, but they distinguish colors very well.

10. In a situation of danger, they have the ability to curl up into a ball.

11. The most powerful and dangerous poisons, for example, arsenic, hydrocyanic acid and sublimate do not affect hedgehogs.

12. Hedgehogs are immune to viper venom, although they do not hunt them.

13. Hedgehog easily contacts with other domestic animals and is tamed to humans.

14. The McDonald’s fast food chain was to blame for the death of many hedgehogs. When these creatures licked the remains of ice cream on cups, their head got stuck in them.

15. A fried hedgehog is considered a traditional gypsy dish.

16. There are about 17 species of hedgehogs in the world.

17. A lot of mites are attached to the needles of hedgehogs.

18. A hedgehog’s acquaintance with a new smell is a funny phenomenon. First, the animal tastes the object by licking it, and then rubs the needles against it.

19. During hibernation, the hedgehog loses a large amount of its own weight, so when it wakes up, it begins to eat.

20. In a situation of serious danger, the hedgehog begins to defecate and roll out in its own feces.

21. Hedgehogs really like milk. It is for this reason that they often settle near the farm.

22. Hedgehogs have excellent hearing and smell.

23. The communication of these animals occurs with the help of a whistle.

24. When hedgehogs get angry, they grumble funny.

25. Hedgehog pregnancy lasts 7 weeks.

26. Hedgehogs are born completely blind and without needles.

27. The eyes of newborn hedgehogs open only on the 16th day.

28. These animals like to live alone.

29. Hedgehogs are afraid of water, but they know how to swim.

30. The hedgehog is an insectivorous animal.

31. There are more ticks on the body of the hedgehog than on any other animal.

32. The body temperature of the hedgehog is low, and it is only 2 degrees.

33. Hedgehogs see the world in colored tones.

34. Hedgehogs are not relatives of porcupines, despite their similarity in body structure.

35. Large hedgehogs live from 4 to 7 years, and small ones – from 2 to 4 years.

36. Hedgehogs are not prone to suicide.

37. Hedgehogs sleep more during the day, because they are considered nocturnal animals.

38. To survive hibernation, the weight of a hedgehog must be at least 500 grams.

39. A hedgehog covers a distance of 2 km per day.

40. Hedgehog males never raise their own offspring.

41. Feeling a strong and pungent smell, the hedgehog begins to cover its own needles with saliva.

42. If danger arises, hedgehogs are able to eat their own offspring.

43. From November to March, hedgehogs hibernate and lose up to 40% of their own weight.

44. Hedgehogs have the ability to climb trees.

45. The spines of some hedgehogs can be poisonous.

46. More than fire, hedgehogs are afraid of water.

47. A female hedgehog gives birth from 3 to 5 hedgehogs.

48. Hedgehogs have longer hind legs than their front legs.

49. Hedgehogs have the ability to breathe from 40 to 50 times in one minute.

50. Hedgehog teeth are enough about sharp.

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