90 interesting facts about birds

Birds are an integral part of our nature. They surround people, and therefore it will be interesting to learn facts about birds. Cuckoos, eagles, canaries – each of these birds is tempting in its own way. Interesting facts about birds are unique knowledge not only for children, but also for older generations.

1. On Today, people know 10,694 species of birds that live on Earth.

2. Interesting facts about birds confirm that the largest number of yolks in one bird’s egg is 9 pieces.

3. In order to boil an ostrich egg hard-boiled, it will have to be boiled for 1.5-2 hours.

4. The only bird in the world that does not have wings at all is the kiwi.

5. The body temperature of birds is 7-8 degrees higher than that of humans.

6. Storks in the process of flight are able to fall asleep without falling to the ground.

7. Birds cannot sweat.

8. Hummingbird egg is the smallest in the world.

9. Feathers of a bird weigh more than its bones.

10. In addition to dolphins and humans, parrots also have interesting names. Parrot parents give names to their chicks by chirping.

11. Cuckoos that lay eggs in other people’s nests have nest parasitism.

12. The largest bird eggs in the world were carried by extinct elephant birds – epiornis.

13. The heart of a bird beats 1000 times per minute during flight and 400 times per minute while resting.

14. The largest bird is an ostrich, whose growth reaches more than 2 meters.

15. Ostriches, kiwis, cassowaries, dodos and penguins cannot fly.

16. There are 6 species of poisonous birds in the world.

17. Crow and raven are not male and female of the same bird species, these are different types of birds.

18. The most common birds on Earth are chickens.

19. The heaviest birds in terms of weight are dudaks.

20. Birds originated from dinosaurs.

21. The wandering albatross has the largest wingspan, which is 3 meters.

22. Birds have a blunted sense of taste.

23. The shape of the bird’s beak matches the type of food they eat in the wild.

24. The emperor penguin can starve for 9 weeks.

25. The most “intelligent” bird is considered a sparrow, because 100 grams of sparrow weight accounts for 4.5 grams of the brain.

26. During the flight, a bald eagle can lift its legs up and continue to fly at the same time.

27. Seagulls can drink salt water without problems, because their tonsils filter salt.

28. Woodpeckers can easily peck a tree for several hours, because their skull structure allows this.

29. A hummingbird can eat 2 times more than its own weight in one day.

30. Owls cannot move their eyes around. They turn the whole head.

31. The black swift can fly up to 4 years without stopping.

32. In the wild, birds can live up to 45 years.

33. The fastest bird is the peregrine falcon.

34. Ostrich eggs are hatched by males more time.

35. The pink body color of flamingos does not appear from birth, but occurs in the process of eating crustaceans.

36. Hummingbird – it is the only bird that flies backwards.

37. The gentoo penguin swims faster than all birds. He also dives well.

38. It happens when owls settle snakes in nests.

39. Chickens can pretend to be dead to save their own lives.

40. Canaries feel methane vapor well.

41. Poultry meat is considered dietary.

42. In Australia, the flamingo was able to live up to 83 years, and then this bird was euthanized.

43. Cockatoos walk very slowly, but fly quickly.

44. Penguins cannot fly, but they jump up to 2 meters.

45. A tit can feed its chicks about 1000 times a day.

46. Birdsong does not mean that they are happy, but this is just a mark of their territory.

47. The robin has approximately 3000 feathers.

48. The weight of an ostrich can reach 130 kilograms.

49. The ostrich has more eyes than its brain.

50. If birds had to be sent into space, they would not survive, because gravity is important for them.

51. The kiwi bird has almost no wings.

52. There are 14 vertebrae in the neck of an owl.

53. The African bustard is the heaviest bird in the world, it weighs approximately 19 kilograms.

54. The most common hummingbird flaps its wings.

55. Hummingbirds eat at intervals of 10 minutes.

56. Ostriches are not able to live alone.

57. Ostriches are long-lived, they live up to 50 years.

58. Many stork children “leave home” and move to other nests because they are not satisfied with the hunting skills of their parents.

59. Flamingos sleep standing on one leg.

60. The African parrot Jaco can not only speak, but also conjugate verbs.

Interesting facts about birds of prey

1. Steppe eagles feed on ground squirrels.

2. Birds of prey take their prey from the summer.

3. Hunting at night, the auditory part of the brain of barn owls activates 95,000 neurons.

4. The martial eagle entered in the top 10 most terrible birds of prey in the world.

5. A hawk has 8 times better eyesight than a person.

6. Hawks often hunt from ambush.

7. The bird of prey, the eagle, has a massive beak.

8. Of all the species of owls, the fish owl is the largest.

9. In the Philippines, eagles are highly valued, so they are given 12 years in prison for killing them.

10. The South American harpy is considered the most powerful eagle.

11. Although they say that they are predatory birds do not attack people, there were cases when eagles attacked children.

12. Interesting facts about birds of prey confirm that these birds have only three fingers on their paws.

13. Birds of prey are active only during the day.

14. Many species of birds of prey migrate.

15. Birds of prey try to avoid water during the flight.

16. Birds of prey chicks develop and fledge more slowly.

17. Birds of prey attack prey only with paws and claws.

18. The paws of birds of prey are slightly weaker than those of other birds.; /p>

19. The most ferocious and powerful bird of prey is the virgin eagle owl.

20. The largest of all birds of prey is the Andean condor.

21. Vultures use their a beak for butchering prey.

22. Approximately 270 species are classified as birds of prey.

23. Eagles can live in captivity up to 50 years, and hawks up to 25 years.

24. The male sparrowhawk, carrying his prey home, warns the female about this with a terrible cry from afar.

25. Birds of prey are monogamous.

26. The falcon is a solar symbol victory.

27. The fastest bird is the falcon.

28. The falcon, interesting facts about which fascinate every connoisseur of nature, during the hunt reaches a speed of 320 kilometers per hour.

29. There are no differences between females and males of the falcon.

30. From the strike of a falcon, the enemy may die be instant.

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