80 interesting facts about Ireland

You can learn a lot about Ireland from movies and TV shows. This country has an extraordinary culture, nature and attractions. Interesting facts about Ireland confirm this fact with confidence. Not everyone knows how people live in this country. Facts about Ireland include cultural traditions, historical events, and common myths. Ireland is unique and beautiful. Interesting facts about this state cannot but please.

1. Interesting facts about northern Ireland confirm the fact that the celebration of Halloween is rooted in a festival held in this country called Samhain.

2. There have never been any snakes in Ireland.

3. Saint Patrick was not Irish, as many believe. He is Roman.

4. There are far more mobile phones in Ireland than people.

5. 8 times more people in Ireland speak Polish than Gaulish.

6. Irish residents consume approximately 131.1 liters of alcoholic beverages per year.

7. The Titanic that sank was created in Ireland.

8. Ireland has hosted its own Olympic Games since the Bronze Age.

9. Shona’s Bar is considered the oldest pub in Ireland. This institution is over 900 years old.

10. The only country where abortion is illegal is Ireland.

11. Most of the inhabitants of Ireland live outside of it.

12. Ireland is symbolized by a harp, a Celtic cross, an Irish wolfhound and a shamrock.

13. There are 4 provinces in Ireland: Munster, Leinster, Ulster and Connacht.

14. Irish residents are accustomed to idolize the American president and America.

15. The traditional food of Ireland is potatoes in any form.

16. There are almost no zebras for pedestrians in Ireland.

17. Almost all shops in this country are closed on Sundays.

18. In Ireland, the first month of autumn is August.

19. It is in the Irish temple that the remains of St. Valentine are preserved.

20. More than any other country, Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest. There are 7 of them.

21. In ancient times, to show their loyalty to the Irish monarch, his nipples were licked.

22. Leprechauns first appeared in this state.

23. May is the driest month in Ireland.

24. Dracula is a fictional character based on an Irish legend.

25. Ireland was one of the last countries to adopt the feudal system.

26. In Ireland, there is no direct answer “no” and “yes”.

27. Bantering is considered an integral part of Irish culture.

28. Irish residents do not prefer to brag. It is important for them to be equal to another.

29. Residents of Ireland love not only to drink beer, but also tea. They can offer tea to guests several times in a row.

30. Of the entire kingdom, Northern Ireland is the smallest and poorest country.

31. Saint Patrick is the main patron of Ireland.

32. Ireland is the only country where a musical instrument is considered a symbol.

33. By 1921, most of the inhabitants of the northern counties were Protestants – this subsequently served as one of the reasons for the split of the state.

34. During the Ice Age, almost all of Ireland was covered in ice.

35. Ireland is the only state where there are fewer people than dogs.

36. Women in Ireland received the right to vote earlier than American women.

37. The main female saint of Ireland is Brigid. She comes second after St. Patrick.

38. In Ireland, it is customary to come to a wedding without an invitation. Such people come hiding their faces with straw masks.

39. The Irish are considered people of the Sun.

40. In Ireland, it is customary to sit in the front seat of a taxi.

41. About 4.8 million people live in Ireland.

42. Most of the inhabitants of this country are Catholics.

43. Irish literature is considered the third oldest in all of Europe.

44. The onset of spring is celebrated in Ireland with fairs and carnivals.

45. The inhabitants of Ireland are a religious nation.

46. Ireland has many mountains that do not even reach 100 meters in height.

47. The only red cheese in the world comes from Ireland. The recipe for its preparation remains a mystery.

48. Irish residents are obsessed with discounts.

49. The westernmost point of Europe is located precisely on the territory of Ireland.

50. If a boy was born in Ireland at Easter, then his fate was already prescribed in advance. He was destined to be a clergyman.

51. There are only 18 letters in the Irish alphabet.

52. In this state, women have the right to independently propose to a man. If the man refuses, then a fine is imposed on him.

53. Ireland’s recipe for stomach pain is eating a frog.

54. The sakura and apple trees bloom twice a year in Ireland. In other states, this happens only once a year.

55. The symphony orchestra of the Irish city of Cork performed for 57 years with the same composition, for which it was in the Guinness Book of Records.

56. Irish people like to talk about the weather.

57. According to the traditions of Ireland, the eldest daughter should marry first.

58. The people of Ireland believe in reincarnation.

59. Ireland is considered the birthplace of whiskey.

60. During the Second World War, this country was neutral.

61. About 43% of all milk is used to produce Baileys in Ireland.

62. By tradition, in Irish pubs people don’t eat, but only drink.

63. Ireland ranks 5th in terms of quality of life among all other countries.

64. Approximately 60% of Irish residents have higher education.

65. About 45% of Irish people know 3 languages.

66. The nation of Ireland is considered one of the most educated.

67. Not only children in Ireland, but also adults worship fairies.

68. Before the onset of the New Year, the Irish leave the door open.

69. Most Irish people have naturally red hair.

70. Children in Ireland are the flowers of life, and therefore almost every family has 3-4 children.

71. It is unrealistic to meet the same and boring doors in Ireland. They usually have different colors.

72. Apart from the Celtic tiger, there are no tigers in Ireland.

73. The first duty free shop in the world was opened in Ireland.

74. Ireland is considered one of the safest countries.

75. In Ireland, wedding rings are called cladach rings for newlyweds.

76. Ireland is the 3rd largest island nation.

77. Ireland is famous for its breweries.

78. It is a crime to be drunk in public in Ireland.

79. The inhabitants of Ireland are great storytellers.

80. Ireland is an expensive country.

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