18 interesting facts about hurricanes

Destructive winds have various names — hurricane, storm, cyclone… It doesn’t change the essence — the violence of the elements can cause great destruction and take many lives. It is impossible to resist the forces of nature — you can only try to minimize the damage, eliminate the consequences and move on. Interesting facts about … Read more

19 interesting facts about the Black Sea

This is not only a popular resort, it is also the most important transport artery through which millions of tons of cargo pass annually. And the nature in these parts is truly amazing — a great variety of different animals live in the Black Sea waters and on the shores of this sea. Facts about … Read more

18 interesting facts about tsunami

Tsunami — one of the most frightening and destructive natural phenomena. Huge waves crush everything in their path, sometimes passing inland for many kilometers. Escaping a tsunami is not easy, and in areas prone to this disaster, many rules have been developed to help save life for yourself and others in the event of a … Read more

29 interesting facts about Antarctica

Antarctica — a snow-covered and ice-covered continent that still holds many mysteries. For obvious reasons, its study is difficult, and besides, it is not very promising from an economic point of view. However, how do you know — maybe we’ll see domed cities amid eternal ice? Antarctic facts Antarctica — the least explored continent of … Read more

26 interesting facts about trees

Our lives depend on trees, because they convert the carbon dioxide that we exhale into breathable oxygen. Forests must be protected, because their area is decreasing from year to year due to the consumer attitude towards them. And everything seems to be leading to the fact that humanity will not take care of this issue … Read more

16 interesting facts about spruce

Spruce, or simply Christmas tree, as we usually call it — a very common tree throughout the world. In many countries, it is customary to decorate the spruce for Christmas, well, or for the New Year — depending on which holiday is celebrated more actively. However, this tree has many other uses, and its wood … Read more

15 interesting facts about lilies of the valley

Lilies of the valley — flowers, which are the personification of tenderness and fragility. These amazing plants are very difficult to breed, and in nature they are not so common. This is partly what makes them so valuable. Agree, a bouquet of lilies of the valley — it’s very romantic. On the other hand, why … Read more

13 interesting facts about mosses

There are a huge number of moss species in the world, and they are found almost everywhere, anywhere, in any forest. These plants appeared so long ago that it’s hard to imagine! And at the same time, the fact that mosses have practically not changed over the past eras is doubly surprising. Interesting facts about … Read more

34 interesting facts about rats

Rats — cunning, intelligent and amazingly tenacious creatures that can survive in almost any, even the most extreme conditions. The population of rats is huge in any city, because next to people it is easier for rats to find food and warmth than in the wild. Unfortunately, wild rats are carriers of various diseases, which … Read more

12 interesting facts about rowan

Sorbus — a tree widespread in Eastern Europe and Asia. The berries of the most common species of this tree in our area are not valued because of their bitterness, but the tree itself grows everywhere, besides rowan wood also finds its use. Interesting facts about mountain ash The bitter berries of the common mountain … Read more