18 interesting facts about Victoria falls

Nature sometimes creates amazing and unique places, and Victoria Falls is one of the most interesting among them. It is impossible for a person to create something as beautiful, and once you get here, you understand this with crystal clearness. Of course, getting to Victoria Falls is not easy, because it is located far away, … Read more

10 interesting facts about cultivated plants

All cultivated plants were once bred by man, and with the development of civilization, selection work is only gaining momentum. More and more new plant species are being introduced every week, if not every day, and despite the fact that not all of them are in demand, progress cannot be stopped. Moreover, work is underway … Read more

29 interesting facts about tangerines

Bright orange tangerines are undoubtedly one of the most popular fruits in the world. Fortunately, today you can enjoy tangerines at different times of the year, and this is good news, as they are not only tasty, but also healthy. Especially some of their varieties, juicy, sweet and pitted. Interesting facts about tangerines The birthplace … Read more

35 interesting facts about water

What surrounds us everywhere? That’s right – water! Indeed, they cover a much larger part of the Earth’s surface than land, and without water, the existence of life on our planet would be impossible. It serves as the basis for everything, both for plant and animal life, and it is believed that for the first … Read more

20 interesting facts about chimpanzee

Among all great apes, chimpanzees are often distinguished by scientists into a separate category, since they are closer in their mental development to humans than any other living beings on Earth. You should not think that they are just animals that sometimes get used to imitate people, no – their intelligence is really very high, … Read more

30 interesting facts about chickens

Among all other animals and birds raised on an industrial scale, chickens occupy a special place. They are bred for both eggs and meat, and in a number of countries they are an integral part of traditional cooking. They spread throughout the world in ancient times, and since then you can find chickens in any … Read more

20 interesting facts about bumblebees

A solid deep bass buzz means that a bumblebee is somewhere nearby. You should not be afraid of this insect, despite its intimidating sting – bumblebees are usually not aggressive, and they will never attack people first if they are not disturbed once again. But if you are still unlucky, you should keep in mind … Read more

14 interesting facts about the Philippine Sea

Those who still get here are forever fascinated by the unique nature of the Philippine Sea, which is difficult to compare with any other part of the World Ocean. Transparent water, coral lagoons, a riot of life in the water column … And also regular storms, of course – where can we go without them … Read more

28 interesting facts about garlic

Garlic, as well as its beneficial properties, has been known to mankind since ancient times, it has been actively used in cooking for hundreds more and thousands of years ago. People have long paid attention to its features, and came to the conclusion that a plant that copes so well with diseases must also have … Read more

23 interesting facts about icebergs

Despite the fact that they can pose a serious danger to ships, icebergs are beautiful and amazing. As there are no two identical snowflakes in the world, so there are no two identical icebergs in it – they are all unique, and sometimes nature creates such bizarre shapes that one can only marvel at this … Read more