15 interesting facts about the continents

Oddly enough, the continents occupy far from the most significant part of the surface of our planet, even though it is called the Earth. Water areas are much more extensive, but the continents are still not fully understood. And if we still cannot thoroughly study even not the most remote, albeit hard-to-reach, corners of the … Read more

16 interesting facts about armadillos

Amazing animal armadillos seem to be real living relics. They look like what animals seem to have looked like many millions of years ago, and somehow subtly resemble dinosaurs, although they have nothing to do with them. However, despite their somewhat frightening appearance, armadillos are defenseless against people, and in recent decades their habitat has … Read more

17 interesting facts about mold

Thanks to mold, many scientific discoveries have been made, the significance of which is difficult to overestimate. It is valuable both in medicine and in the food industry, and even in ancient times, some peoples were aware of some of its beneficial properties, albeit very superficially. However, it all depends on the type and how … Read more

17 interesting facts about fireflies

Amazing firefly insects differ from most other creatures on Earth in their ability to glow, from where, in fact, their name comes from. This interesting and unusual property did not go unnoticed, and in various ancient cultures, fireflies were sometimes mistaken for spirits, sometimes for other manifestations of otherworldly forces. They are indeed very curious, … Read more

15 interesting facts about ladybugs

Small and harmless ladybugs are well known to everyone who was in nature as a child. Many children enjoy catching them and then releasing them, saying the well-known old saying that appeared so long ago that no one remembers where it came from. And ladybugs also appear in many folk tales and legends, and the … Read more

23 interesting facts about stingrays

Among all other inhabitants of the seas and oceans, stingrays are especially distinguished, mainly due to their unusualness. Looking at how they flutter in the water column, one immediately remembers the birds, which are also at ease in the air. However, most stingrays prefer to stay near the bottom, looking for food for themselves, and … Read more

29 interesting facts about pears

Juicy and ripe pears are to the taste of many people. These fruits are a real storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. However, they are not very nutritious, but rich in fiber, and therefore they can be considered as a dietary product. Eating pears is not only pleasant, but also useful, in the event that, of … Read more

40 interesting facts about oranges

Juicy and tasty oranges are ubiquitous, and there are a huge number of their varieties in the world. They are grown on all continents, and are in constant demand – they are eaten fresh, put in salads, used to produce drinks and jams, and in general, they just don’t do anything with them. The huge … Read more

30 interesting facts about cobras

There are many famous snakes in the world, but cobras stand apart among them, mainly due to the fact that they are perhaps the most recognizable reptiles in the world. In fact, there are much more poisonous snakes in the world than cobras, but the habit of these creatures to open the hood in the … Read more

22 interesting facts about cabbage

Different varieties of cabbage occupy an important place in the culinary traditions of many nations, especially in Europe. However, in Asia this vegetable is also popular, however, its completely different varieties, which are unlikely to be suitable for traditional Ukrainian soups or German dishes of cabbage stewed with sausages. Cabbage variety is indeed very large, … Read more