100 interesting facts about rodents

Among all mammals, it is the family of rodents that occupies a leading position in terms of numbers. There are more than a thousand species of various rodents in the world, which differ in body structure, diet, habits and lifestyle. Rodents can be beneficial and harmful to humans. Some species are capable of carrying deadly … Read more

100 interesting facts about dolphins

Dolphins are rightfully considered the most intelligent creatures of the deep sea. Dolphins belong to the group of mammals. They feed their young with milk. In addition, dolphins communicate with each other using sounds. They also understand people very well and can be trained. There are cases in history when dolphins saved people. Therefore, we … Read more

100 interesting facts about pets

Among all domestic animals, cats and dogs occupy the leading places. The first option is suitable for lazy and busy people who do not have time for walks. Dogs, on the contrary, are chosen by active people who like to do morning runs and spend a lot of time outdoors. Both cats and dogs help … Read more

100 interesting facts about sharks

1. The body of a shark produces a special substance that blocks all its pain sensations. 2. Up to 30 tons per 1 sq. cm is the largest shark bite force. 3. About 3.5 years is the gestation period for a shark. 4. The speed of large sharks can reach up to 50 km/h. 5. … Read more

98 interesting facts about beavers

Catholic monks have long believed that beavers are fish, because they are very good swimmers. At the same time, beavers also run well. They know from birth that they need to build houses on the lakes. They are born with building skills. Most of the time, these creatures spend under water, doing construction. Next, we … Read more

100 interesting facts about wolves

One of the most mysterious and amazing animals on the planet is the wolf. The ferocious predator demonstrates masterful skills during the hunt, and loyalty and care in the pack. People still cannot unravel the mystery of this beautiful animal. Read on for more exciting and interesting facts about wolves. 1. By detecting weather conditions, … Read more

100 interesting facts about bees

We often do not pay attention to the world around us. We have such a diverse fauna and flora that so many interesting things are missed. Bees are the hardest working insects in the world. No one else in the last 50 million years has been able to repeat the unique actions that took place … Read more

98 interesting facts about dragonflies

1. Interesting facts about dragonflies say that dragonflies try to calculate the distance to kill. 2. Dragonflies have well-developed eyes. 3. Dragonflies can see in several directions at the same time. 4. Dragonflies are considered effective. 5. In a swarm, dragonflies are able to isolate their own prey. 6. Dragonflies never stop eating. 7. These … Read more

70 interesting facts about monkeys

This is an animal that everyone admires, and therefore it is interesting to get to know her better. There are many interesting things about this animal. Facts about monkeys will help to learn a lot of new things for both adult readers and the smallest nature lovers. 1. A monkey is an animal that can … Read more

90 interesting facts about birds

Birds are an integral part of our nature. They surround people, and therefore it will be interesting to learn facts about birds. Cuckoos, eagles, canaries – each of these birds is tempting in its own way. Interesting facts about birds are unique knowledge not only for children, but also for older generations. 1. On Today, … Read more