20 interesting facts about Belgrade

The Serbian capital Belgrade can rightly claim to be one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Belgrade has passed through centuries and millennia, passing from hand to hand, collapsing and rebuilding. The locals have shown incredible resilience, resisting invasions for centuries. Well, now this most interesting city seems to embody the spirit of the Balkan Peninsula, and, going to Eastern Europe, you should definitely stop by.

Facts about Belgrade

  1. The city was founded about 2300 years ago, back in the 3rd century BC.
  2. Primitive Neandartels also lived on the territory of modern Belgrade. Archaeologists managed to find a lot of stone tools here (interesting facts about ancient people).
  3. Previously, Belgrade was called Singidunum, Alba Bulgarica, Darol-Jihad, Alba Greca and Tuna Belgradi.
  4. Sometimes it is confused with Belgorod, a city in Russia.
  5. The Ottoman army, having entrenched itself near Belgrade and built its own fortress, constantly attacked it for more than 80 years before it managed to take the city.
  6. St. Sava Church located in Belgrade is one of the largest Orthodox temples in the world.
  7. Concert and sports complex «Belgrade-Arena» is the largest facility of this type in all of Europe.
  8. Sweet black bread with marmalade, which is sold almost everywhere in Belgrade, is called «Russian bread» by the locals.
  9. Among all cities in Serbia, Belgrade is the largest and most populous, it is called the home of about 1.25 million people. (interesting facts about Serbia).
  10. One of the most famous sights of Belgrade, and at the same time the symbol of this city, is the monument «Winner» established back in 1928.
  11. Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park is one of the oldest in Europe.
  12. At various times, Belgrade was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary and other states, and then became part of Yugoslavia. After the collapse of the latter, it became the capital of modern Serbia.
  13. In the city of Belgrade, the two largest rivers of this region, the Sava and the Danube, merge.
  14. The highest point of the city is Torlak Hill, 303 meters high.
  15. The climate in Belgrade is quite mild, but sometimes there are exceptions. The maximum and minimum temperatures ever recorded here were +43.6 and -15.5 degrees respectively.
  16. The sun shines brightly over Belgrade for an average of more than 2,000 hours a year.
  17. The most popular fast food in the Serbian capital are bakeries with a variety of pastries. There are really a lot of them here.
  18. During its long and turbulent history, Belgrade was conquered by foreign armies 38 times.
  19. It was in Belgrade that the first coffee house in Europe was opened. Coffee remains the most popular drink in the city to this day.
  20. Belgrade’s Prince Mihail Street is officially recognized as the most beautiful street in Europe.
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