24 interesting facts about Riga

The magnificent city of Riga, steeped in history, has absorbed many architectural styles from different eras. Walking along its streets, in different districts, one cannot help but feel that these are all different cities, well, or that someone has collected pieces from different European capitals and placed them here, in Riga. Moreover, it traces something painfully familiar – this is the legacy of the Soviet era, to which, however, the attitude here is ambiguous.

Facts about the city of Riga

  1. For a long time, the modern Latvian capital was part of became part of the Russian Empire, and then the USSR, being one of the largest and most important ports.
  2. The entire historical center of Riga is fully recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  3. Like the second largest city in Latvia, Daugavpils, it is located on the banks of the Western Dvina River, which in this country is called the Daugava (interesting facts about Latvia).
  4. There are about the same number of people living in the whole of Riga as in the whole Montenegro.
  5. For about 50% of local residents, according to the census results, Russian is their native language, for the other 50% Latvian.
  6. In 2014, Riga entered the center of European capitals of culture.
  7. About 90% of all tourists visiting Latvia definitely visit the capital. They can be understood – the atmosphere of Riga is unique.
  8. The founder of Riga is the Bishop of Bremen, and all the settlers who voluntarily went to explore these distant lands at that time were officially granted indulgences by the church, that is, they were forgiven for all sins.
  9. Airport «Riga» is the largest in the entire Baltic.
  10. Due to the proximity of the Baltic Sea, Riga’s climate can be called mild, given the northern location of the city. The highest temperature here was once +34.1 degrees, and in the coldest time it once dropped to -34.9.
  11. Riga’s sister cities are many capitals of other countries, including Moscow, Minsk and Beijing ( interesting facts about Beijing).
  12. In the 1980s, the Soviet authorities intended to build a metro in Riga, but the local population opposed it. As a result, the project was canceled and there are no plans to resume it.
  13. Riga is the largest city among all Baltic cities.
  14. In all of Europe, Riga is the only city in which temples of five different religions successfully function.
  15. In 1510, it was in Riga that the world’s first Christmas tree was installed. Then this tradition spread to many countries.
  16. Here is the only museum of the Sun in the world. There you can find interesting exhibits of solar cults of different peoples and eras.
  17. One of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, still operating, is located in Riga.
  18. Most of the population of the city in that speaks English to some degree.
  19. The Riga TV Tower is the third tallest building in Europe. Only the Kyiv TV Tower in Ukraine and the Ostankino Tower in Moscow are taller than it.
  20. Riga-based auto company Dartz Motors manufactures the world’s most expensive armored premium SUVs.
  21. There are almost never cars here. traffic jams.
  22. In Riga cinemas, films are usually shown without translation and with two sets of subtitles, Latvian and Russian.
  23. In Riga, it is almost impossible to find any store, pharmacy or gas station operating around the clock. Closer to the night, life stops here.
  24. The Riga Viestura Garden, popular among the townspeople as a place for walking, was equipped about 300 years ago by decree of Peter I.
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