19 interesting facts about Botswana

The arid African country of Botswana — a small and poor state, which, in general, is a fairly typical picture by the standards of this continent. Rains here are extremely rare, and they are always revered for good. Suffocating dust covers the streets of Botswana towns and villages, and a terrible torrential downpour with a thunderstorm always brings happy smiles to the faces.

Interesting facts about Botswana

  1. The motto of the state is “Rain” (the word «pula»). The currency of this arid country is also called exactly the same. And with this word they greet each other here.
  2. Most of Botswana (70% of the land) is occupied by the sands of the Kalahari Desert. This is one of the hottest South African regions (interesting facts about deserts).
  3. Botswana’s Okavango River flowed into the lake in the distant past, but about 10 thousand years ago, the reservoir dried up and turned into one of the largest salt marshes on the planet. Now the river actually flows into an empty place (interesting facts about rivers).
  4. The Okavango Delta is the place with the highest concentration of animals on Earth. About 200 thousand large mammals flock to this oasis in the midst of sun-dried lands.
  5. Prior to gaining independence from Britain in the 1960s, the country was known as Bechuanaland.
  6. Botswana is a major exporter of diamonds known throughout the world for their high quality. The country is the world leader in the value of mined gems.
  7. About 18% of the territory of Botswana is occupied by nature reserves and national parks. One of them, Chobe Park, is home to the world’s largest population of elephants.
  8. Approximately 20% of Botswana’s residents do not consider themselves adherents of any religion.
  9. The history of the development of the Botswana economy is considered one of the most successful in Africa – the country has moved from animal husbandry to diamond mining and industrial development (production of beverages, textiles, motor vehicles and leather).
  10. This country has the largest mining quarry diamonds on the planet — Jwaneng. Its development began in the 1970s with the participation of De Beers.
  11. In 2015, the 1,111-carat Our Light diamond was discovered in Botswana, the largest stone found in a century and the second largest diamond ever mined.
  12. According to the US Department of State, one day of stay in the capital of Botswana, Gaborone, costs tourists $129, in another large city, Kasane – $125, and in other regions of the country – $50.
  13. Botswana has the second highest prevalence of AIDS in the world. The first position in this sad ranking belongs to Swaziland (interesting facts about Swaziland).
  14. In the Botswana region of Tsodilo, more than 4,500 rock paintings have survived to this day, covering an area of ​​​​10,000 square kilometers. Archaeological finds made in the area illustrate human life spanning 100,000 years.
  15. Gumba-gumba is the most popular musical genre in Botswana. These are modern tunes of local tribes mixed with jazz. Another common destination is the African variation of rumba, kvass-kvass.
  16. In early July, Botswana celebrates the Day of Sir Seretse Khama, the first president of the state.
  17. It is impossible to hitchhike in Botswana, because roads outside major cities can go weeks without a single car.
  18. Aborigines here have come up with the idea of ​​using ostrich eggs as vessels. Now it is also one of the most popular souvenirs.
  19. The inhabitants of Botswana have been carving small human figures from ebony since ancient times. It is believed that they have a magical ability to strengthen people’s feelings for each other.
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