16 interesting facts about Chile

Chile — it is not only a hot pepper, it is also a country in Latin America reminiscent of its outlines of its borders. This state, sandwiched between mountains and the ocean, is constantly shaken by earthquakes, but the locals do not lose heart — You will have to look for such cheerful and positive people as here in other countries.

Interesting facts about Chile

  1. Boquila plant, which is found in the Chilean jungle, rises to the sun along the stems and trunks of bushes and trees. This plant has the unique ability to grow leaves that are similar in shape and color to those of a nearby tree. If the goblet is spread on several shrubs at once, completely different leaves will grow on one of its shoots. Scientists do not yet know why the plant needs such a clever disguise.
  2. In Chile, there is a resort with the largest artificial swimming pool on the planet. It receives water from the Pacific Ocean, located just 200 meters from the pool. Only in the ocean is the water cool, and in the pool it has a constant temperature of 26 degrees.
  3. The history of Chile began about 13 thousand years ago, when the modern territory of the state was first inhabited by people.
  4. Chile is the world’s largest producer and exporter of copper.
  5. Owners of buildings that are not on Chile Day turns out not to have a single flag of the state, punished with fines. On this holiday, it is also allowed to drink alcohol anywhere – even where it is prohibited on ordinary days.
  6. The capital of Chile, Santiago, is considered the safest administrative center in Latin America (interesting facts about Latin America).
  7. The Atacama Desert, covering 105 thousand square kilometers in Chile, is one of the driest places on Earth. Significant precipitation has not fallen here for 400 years. Lunar rovers and rovers are being tested in this area (interesting facts about deserts).
  8. There are no snakes in this country – neither poisonous nor harmless to humans.
  9. Chile has one of the highest mountain lakes on the planet – Chungara (the distance from sea level to its smooth surface — 4570 meters). More than 130 species of animals and plants live in the reservoir itself and on its shores (interesting facts about lakes).
  10. There are about 240 sunny days every year in the valley of the Chilean Elqui River, so one of the largest observatories on Earth was built here.
  11. Chile’s El Mirador is home to the world’s only oceanfront ski resort.
  12. In Chile, it is customary to have large families with many children – as a rule, parents raise from 3 to 5 kids.
  13. Chilean Patagonia is the only area on the planet where the east coast of the mainland is occupied by a desert outside the tropics. Scientists consider this place one of the most environmentally friendly on Earth. The same is said about the Argentinean part of Patagonia (interesting facts about Argentina).
  14. In Chile, there is the highest volcano on the planet, called Ojos del Salado. On one of the slopes of the fiery mountain in the crater there is another record holder — the highest earthly lake (6390 meters separate it from sea level). In 2007, an athlete from Chile was able to drive up the slope of this volcano to a height of almost 6690 meters, setting a record ascent for cars (interesting facts about volcanoes).
  15. Chileans love palm honey, which is made from the juice of local palm trees.
  16. The people of Chile are very fond of avocados – they add this fruit to any dishes, make sauce from it and grind it into a paste, which is then smeared on bread.
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