16 interesting facts about Brunei

The small but very rich state of Brunei is located in Southeast Asia. It is a fairly typical Arab country, whose wealth is based on oil and other minerals, and the unreal luxury in which the Brunei Sultan lives is amazing.

Interesting facts about Brunei

  1. The official language of Brunei is Malay.
  2. The name of the country is translated as «abode of peace».
  3. About half of the total population of the country (about 200 thousand people) lives in the capital, the city of Bandar Seri- Begavan.
  4. Malaysia — the only country with which Brunei borders.
  5. Brunei gained independence from the UK only in 1984.
  6. The Sultan of Brunei personifies both secular and religious power. Almost the entire government consists of relatives of the Sultan, and the only political party supports the existing political system.
  7. About 85% of the population of Brunei are Malays and related ethnic groups.
  8. Approximately one in twenty men and one in ten women in Brunei are not literate. This is the lowest rate among rich countries. Even in fairly poor countries like Samoa, it is much higher (interesting facts about Samoa).
  9. The official religion of Brunei is Islam, but only two-thirds of the country’s population professes it.
  10. More than 80% of all food consumed domestically by Brunei is imported.
  11. Brunei’s economy is based on oil production, as in Bahrain (interesting facts about Bahrain).
  12. Almost half of all people working in the country — foreigners, mostly from other countries in Southeast Asia.
  13. The Sultan of Brunei — the richest person on Earth.
  14. The territory of Brunei is divided into two parts by a strip of land belonging to Malaysia.
  15. Public transport in this country is very poorly developed, as all local residents prefer to travel by private cars.
  16. Brunei’s most popular food — rice in one variation or another, with the addition of other ingredients — sauces, seafood, meat or vegetables.
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