21 interesting facts about Cyprus

Cyprus — a great place to spend a couple of weeks on vacation there, lying on the sand and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a calm, quiet island, interesting and safe. However, his virtues are not limited to the sea alone — here you can see with your own eyes a myriad of samples of ancient Roman and ancient Greek culture.

Interesting facts about Cyprus

  1. Like in many other former British colonies, left-hand traffic in Cyprus.
  2. The name of the island comes from the cypress trees that grow everywhere here.
  3. The Republic of Cyprus controls only 60% of the island — a couple of percent is occupied by British military bases, and the rest of the territory is occupied by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus — partially recognized state.
  4. The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is divided in two by the border.
  5. There is practically no theft in Cyprus.
  6. Due to the expensive electricity for heating water, most residents here install water tanks on the roofs of their houses, and they are heated by the sun.
  7. Cypriots call themselves Cypriots, not the Greeks.
  8. Cyprus has its own Mount Olympus. Another, the most famous mountain of the same name is located in Greece. On the planet Mars, by the way, there is also Olympus — the highest mountain in the solar system (interesting facts about Mars).
  9. Locals usually don’t turn on their car headlights during the day, as they think it drains the battery.
  10. Most shops in Cyprus close between 4-6 pm, and on Sundays, many do not work at all.
  11. One of the holidays here is the Day of the Flood, or Cataclysmos.
  12. As in Malta, in Cyprus, houses often do not write the street number and name on the signs, but the name of the house (interesting facts about Malta).
  13. Judging by archaeological finds, the first settlers from the mainland appeared in Cyprus about 12-13 thousand years ago.
  14. The only railway in Cyprus was closed and abandoned in the middle of the last century.
  15. Cyprus ranks first in the world in terms of the ratio of the number of cars to the population.
  16. The local cuisine consists mainly of meat in one form or another. An extremely popular dish is «suvla», which is actually an ordinary barbecue.
  17. All the beaches on the island — free because they belong to the state. Roads, by the way, are also — there are no paid sections here.
  18. Cyprus is a member of the European Union, but is not included in the Schengen zone. It is here that the southernmost point of the European Union is located.
  19. The divorce rate in this country is one of the lowest in the world.
  20. Government offices here usually close no later than two in the afternoon.
  21. Cypriots love cats. But there are no stray dogs here.
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