35 interesting facts about crocodiles

In vain, some people think that crocodiles are stupid. These animals are not only smart, but also cunning and hardy. After all, they survived for many millions of years, which indicates their adaptability to existence – these are the laws of evolution that cannot be circumvented. To this day, these scaly reptiles live in various parts of our planet.

Interesting facts about crocodiles

  1. These animals appeared more than 83 million years ago.
  2. Birds are their closest living relatives (interesting facts about birds).
  3. Despite the impressive size of crocodiles, their eggs are small, no larger than goose eggs.
  4. The dwarf crocodile is only called such – it can grow up to two meters in length.
  5. The fossil ancestors of these animals reached a length of 12-14 meters, and in height, standing on all 4 paws, they were taller than the average person.
  6. The largest crocodiles in the world are marine. Their length can reach 7 meters, and weight – one ton. They are found in Australia, India and the Fiji Islands (interesting facts about Fiji).
  7. About 3 thousand years ago, these creatures lived only on land. Why they eventually adapted to living in the water, scientists do not yet know.
  8. Crocodiles do not know how to stick their tongue out, as it is practically motionless relative to their lower jaw.
  9. They often swallow stones, which not only help them to grind food in the stomach, but also facilitate the diving process.
  10. The blood of crocodiles contains an analogue of a natural antibiotic, so the wounds they receive usually heal quickly and without complications.
  11. They can easily dine on eggs or cubs of other crocodiles.
  12. Who will emerge from the eggs, males or females, in the case of crocodiles, depends on the air temperature. At temperatures up to 31 degrees, females are born, at temperatures from 31 to 33.5 – both those and those, and if the air warms up more than +33.5 degrees, then males are born.
  13. Crocodiles living in the Nile River are capable of jumping out of the water one and a half to two meters in the process of hunting (interesting facts about the Nile River).
  14. These amazing creatures live for a hundred years, or even more. Sometimes.
  15. The ancient Egyptians worshiped crocodiles as gods.
  16. In the absence of food and water, these animals can hibernate for up to two years.
  17. Contrary to popular belief, crocodiles and alligators are different animals.
  18. Vulnerable, it would seem, the belly of a crocodile reliably protects the frame of the ribs, and the latter are not connected to the spine.
  19. When anything, even a drop of water, hits the crocodile’s tongue, it immediately closes its mouth, because it triggers a reflex.
  20. A well-fed crocodile never attacks a potential victim.
  21. These animals have learned to carry water in their mouths and water the slopes of the banks with it in those places where herbivores come to drink. Some deer, slipping on wet clay, quickly becomes a victim of a river predator.
  22. Crocodile teeth, due to constant work, wear down rather quickly, but new ones grow to replace them. They are completely updated in about 2 years, and in total there can be up to a hundred of these replacements.
  23. Most species of these reptiles are not able to survive when the water temperature drops below +20 degrees.
  24. At short distances, they are able to develop stunning speed, moving at breakneck speed with their short legs.
  25. The crocodile’s jaw is not designed for chewing, so they tear their prey to pieces and swallow it.
  26. At one time, a crocodile weighing half a ton is able to absorb up to 100 kg of food.
  27. While swimming, they can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h.
  28. An adult crocodile is considered between 5 and 10 years old, depending on the species.
  29. Crocodiles really cry, but not because of pangs of conscience, but because through the lacrimal glands they release air mixed with tears, which they swallow in the process of devouring prey.
  30. In Australia, in some sparsely populated parts of the country, there are signs warning about crocodiles. Tourists who do not pay attention to them sometimes become dinner for these reptiles.
  31. In some regions of ancient China, crocodiles were used instead of watchdogs, putting them on a chain near the entrance to the dwelling (interesting facts about China).
  32. These animals breed during the rainy season, and during this period their aggressiveness grows by an order of magnitude.
  33. Under water, crocodiles see thanks to the transparent third eyelid that covers the eyeballs.
  34. Having overheated in the sun, these animals lie with their mouths open – excess heat leaves with their breath.
  35. Crocodiles have sensitive receptors on their jaws that help them accurately locate their prey, even in murky and cloudy waters.
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