15 interesting facts about the Red Sea

Situated between two continents, squeezed between the African mainland and the Arabian Peninsula, the Red Sea is amazingly beautiful. It is on its shores that the popular Egyptian resorts are located, but even those tourists who prefer a more secluded vacation admit that diving on the local coast is simply wonderful. True, not all inhabitants of the local waters are harmless…

Interesting facts about the Red Sea

  1. This sea is the only one in the world into which no river flows. However, it is not surprising – it is surrounded by very arid lands. By the way, this is why the water here is so transparent.
  2. It is also the saltiest of all the seas that make up the oceans. For example, the Dead Sea is not included in it, since it is actually a huge drainless lake.
  3. The water here is the warmest in the world. Yes, it is warmer than even anywhere on the Philippine or Caribbean beaches.
  4. After the Suez Canal was dug, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Seas, there was some exchange of flora and fauna, when fish, jellyfish and algae got from one sea to another (interesting facts about Mediterranean Sea).
  5. Every day The Red Sea, due to the evaporation of water, could become shallow by half a centimeter. This does not happen, as the lack of water is replenished by flows from the Indian Ocean.
  6. Since the tectonic activity on Earth does not stop, the distance between the shores of the Red Sea increases by about a meter in three years.
  7. At the junction of this sea with the Gulf of Aden, one can observe an amazing picture – the waters of two colors meet, but do not mix. This is due to their different density, which, in turn, is due to different salinity.
  8. The Red Sea washes the shores of eight different countries.
  9. Among all the seas of our planet, it is the cleanest.
  10. In the hottest season, the water temperature in the Red Sea reaches +30 degrees, and in the coldest it sometimes drops to +20.
  11. Two-thirds of the Red Sea are shallow, the depth there does not exceed 100 meters. However, there are also impressive depressions up to 2 kilometers deep.
  12. More than 1200 species of fish live here, and a tenth of this number lives only in the Red Sea (interesting facts about fish).
  13. The water in the Red Sea is completely renewed in 15 years.
  14. The inhabitants of Saudi Arabia are actively desalinating sea water taken from here, as they are in dire need of clean water.
  15. In the Red Sea there is 25 islands in total.
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