18 interesting facts about deserts

The desert seems like a lifeless place only to an inexperienced person. In fact, life is seething and boiling here, it’s just mostly night — numerous small living creatures scurry back and forth, and plants bite their roots deep into the soil to get to groundwater. And how the desert blooms after the rain — this is generally unimaginable beauty.

Interesting facts about deserts

  1. The temperature difference between day and night in the deserts is monstrous — during the day it is unbearably hot, and at night it becomes very cold. Often even frost falls.
  2. By burying an egg in the sand on a hot day in the desert, you can bake it for 10-15 minutes.
  3. About half of the area of ​​​​all deserts falls on Antarctica (interesting facts about Antarctica ).
  4. In total, deserts occupy about 20 percent of the entire earth’s land.
  5. The average speed of movement of sand dunes — about 10 meters annually. Yes, the speed is low, but it is impossible to stop the desert — it can wipe out entire cities from the face of the Earth. Slowly, but relentlessly.
  6. Dust storms, born in the desert, can cause a lot of trouble. So, every spring, the islands of Cape Verde are hit by a wind with sand raised by a storm in the African Sahara desert (interesting facts about Cape Verde).
  7. Sand dunes can be up to three hundred meters high.
  8. The highest temperature ever recorded in the Sahara desert — +58 degrees Celsius. But once, according to geologists, dense forests grew on the site of the Sahara…
  9. Chile’s Atacama Desert — the driest of the hot deserts, in some of its parts it has never rained in the entire history of observations. However, about a million people live in the desert. On average, about 1 mm of precipitation falls here annually.
  10. The Sahara, with its area of ​​about 9 million square kilometers — the largest of the deserts. Its area is only slightly smaller than that of the United States.
  11. In China, more than 1,500 square kilometers of land are turned into desert every year due to active farming.
  12. In 2011, an English athlete crossed the Sahara desert on a bicycle in just 13 days.
  13. Solar energy , which goes to the Sahara desert, would be able to provide uninterrupted energy supply to all countries of Europe.
  14. The most beautiful desert in the world — Brazilian Lencois Maranhensis. Blue lagoons, here and there penetrating white sand — a spectacular sight.
  15. Uyuni Salt Flat — the largest saline desert in terms of area, located in Bolivia. Local salt reserves are estimated at about 10 billion tons.
  16. The dry deserts of Antarctica — the driest place on earth. Some places here have not had rain for over two million years.
  17. In China’s Takla Makan desert, it once snowed for thirteen days in a row (interesting facts about China).
  18. Simpson’s Australian Desert, or , as the locals call it, the Red Desert, is distinguished by a very unusual color of sand.
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