27 interesting facts about Dublin

Dublin, the glamorous capital of Ireland, may not be as famous as London or Paris, but this one The city attracts such a huge number of tourists every year for a reason. Steeped in history, it is unique in many ways and completely unlike other European capitals. Surprisingly, the look of Dublin, heavy and a little old-fashioned, is combined with the harsh Irish nature and modern technologies that abound in the local streets.

Facts about Dublin

  1. There are few people living here in the whole city more than 500 thousand people.
  2. The Irish pronounce the name of Dublin as «Duvlin».
  3. Entrance to all museums in Dublin is completely free for everyone, including foreigners.
  4. The first annalistic references to Dublin date back to 140 -year AD, making it the oldest city in Ireland (interesting facts about Ireland).
  5. The capital is the most populous of all Irish cities.
  6. Phoenix Park, located in Dublin, is the largest park in Europe and the second largest in the world. It is second only to Central Park in New York.
  7. During rush hour, most of Dublin’s streets are crowded with cars, creating truly monstrous traffic jams.
  8. Green spaces here are not just a lot, but a lot, but since the townsfolk prefer evergreens, Dublin seems green even in winter.
  9. Dublin is one of the six cities of the world declared by UNESCO as literary cities. Writers such as Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw and many others lived in it.
  10. It is in Dublin that the famous brewery of «Guinness» which once created the world-famous book of records.
  11. The wires here are almost everywhere removed underground so as not to annoy people’s eyes.
  12. In the city there are the so-called Dublin Mountains, which are on are actually low hills. However, the townspeople call them mountains.
  13. The famous O’Connell Bridge is located in Dublin. It is famous for the fact that, like the no less famous “Pythagorean pants”, all sides are equal – the length of the bridge is equal to its width (interesting facts about Pythagoras).
  14. The most common language in Dublin is English, which Everyone here, or almost everyone, owns it. And about a third of the townspeople do not speak Irish at all.
  15. Dublin residents are firmly convinced that in their church, standing on the central city square, the remains of the patron saint of lovers – St. Valentine are buried.
  16. City transport here seems to run according to a schedule that can always be viewed in the application, but in practice, drivers here do not adhere to this very schedule.
  17. Most houses in Dublin are no more than two floors high.
  18. Dublin consistently ranks among the top 10 most expensive European cities. Wages are high here, but so are the cost of living.
  19. The Liffey, the largest river in all of Ireland, divides Dublin into two almost equal parts.
  20. The townspeople here still actively use paper mail, which, by the way, works flawlessly.
  21. There are more than a thousand pubs in Dublin, which this city is so famous for. And some of them are already a hundred or two hundred years old.
  22. Translated from Irish «Dublin» means «black water». This city is indeed located in a swampy area.
  23. There is a monument to the famous writer Oscar Wilde in Dublin (interesting facts about Oscar Wilde).
  24. Animals do not live in cages at the Dublin Zoo. They live in zones separated from each other, but in fact they live in the wild, as in a reserve.
  25. The oldest maternity hospital in the world is the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, founded in 1745.
  26. About 10 million pints (1 pint is about 600ml) of «guinness beer are sold daily in Dublin.
  27. Utilities here are provided by different companies, and you can always switch from one company to another if you wish, much like you change a mobile operator.
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