10 interesting facts about Western Europe

Speaking of developed European countries, they usually mean Western Europe. It is here that the core of the European Union is concentrated, the state with the strongest economy in the region, which has rallied everyone else around itself. However, let’s leave the boring economy aside, there are a lot of interesting things here even without it. Ancient cities, amazing traditions, strict laws… All this is combined here with a high standard of living, its no less high cost, and many other things that are usually attributed to the Western European direction.

Facts about Western Europe

  1. It usually includes 11 states, but according to different organizations this list varies.
  2. The most common language in Western Europe is English. In second and third place are French and German, respectively.
  3. It is here that many small but prosperous dwarf states are located – Liechtenstein, Monaco and Luxembourg.
  4. Western Europe is almost three times smaller than Eastern Europe in area (interesting facts about Eastern Europe).
  5. The aforementioned Principality of Monaco is the smallest country in the world, not counting the Vatican, its area is about 2 square kilometers.
  6. The largest country in Western Europe is France.
  7. The largest population among all Western European states can boast of Germany, which calls home more than 83 million people.
  8. It is in Western Europe that the largest number of bicycles per capita is recorded, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium, where the bicycle is the main transport for many residents.
  9. Brussels is considered the rainiest city in Western Europe. That is why its population is not growing, but declining – many do not like the local climate.
  10. Part of Western Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium, lies below sea level.
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