22 interesting facts about fish

How many types of fish can you list? One hundred, two hundred, five hundred? But there are many thousands of them on our planet! Pisces — amazing creatures in their diversity, and they are extremely important to us. This is food, a valuable renewable resource, and much, much more.

Interesting facts about fish

  1. The world’s largest fish — whale shark, the weight of which can reach 20-25 tons, and the length exceeds 17 meters. Fortunately, these fish are completely harmless (interesting facts about sharks).
  2. Stonefish — the most poisonous of all. Its rough skin is spiky with poison, which in most cases proves fatal to unwary swimmers.
  3. Swordfish — the fastest in the world, she can swim at a breathtaking speed of 130 kilometers per hour.
  4. The seahorse, despite its unusual appearance, is also a fish from the point of view of biology. By the way, the slowest fish — in an hour he swims about one and a half meters. In addition, the seahorse — the only fish that swims vertically instead of horizontally.
  5. Catfish — record holder for the number of taste buds among all animals on our planet. He has as many as 27 thousand of them.
  6. Perches living in the Black Sea are almost always born females, but upon reaching the age of five, many of them change sex and become males (interesting facts about the Black Sea).
  7. The loudest sound a living creature can make is the humpback whale.
  8. Sharks don’t have bones — only cartilage.
  9. The mudskipper spends more time on land than in water. She knows how to get oxygen directly from the air, through the skin, and moves along the ground, relying on her fins.
  10. Most women’s lipsticks contain fish scales.
  11. An electric eel can kill even such a large animal as a horse with one discharge.
  12. People have been fishing since the dawn of human civilization. The oldest fishhook found by archaeologists was made more than 42 thousand years ago!
  13. Flying fish can glide on the surface of the water, pushing off it, hundreds of meters, jumping 5-6 meters into the air.
  14. Most fish cannot swim backwards.
  15. Hammerhead sharks live in packs of up to 500 each. Such a flock devours everything in its path.
  16. Predatory white sharks often become victims of killer whales (interesting facts about killer whales).
  17. Currently, there are about 32 thousand different species of fish on Earth, and more are regularly found.
  18. Sunfish lay up to 300,000,000 eggs each year.
  19. The oldest fish living on Earth — The coelacanth.
  20. The black live-eater, living at considerable depths, is able to swallow prey that weighs ten times its own weight.
  21. The splasher fish accurately spits streams of water at insects flying above it. After falling into the water, these insects go to the fish for dinner.
  22. Many species of fish can distinguish colors.
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