17 interesting facts about killer whales

Killer whales, or killer whales (they call them both) — hardy, aggressive and intelligent predators, living mainly in cold waters. They will attack any prey they can potentially handle, and are a far greater threat than even sharks.

Interesting facts about killer whales

  1. Killer whales attack even predatory white sharks (interesting facts about sharks).
  2. As a result of pregnancy, killer whales give birth to a single cub.
  3. The length of killer whale teeth can exceed 12 centimeters.
  4. Orcas do not spawn — they are mammals, not fish (interesting facts about fish).
  5. Pregnancy in killer whales lasts about 16-17 months.
  6. Despite their impressive size, killer whales swim at an alarming speed — up to 45-50 kilometers per hour.
  7. During the life of female killer whales give birth to 4-5 cubs, sometimes 6, but more — almost never.
  8. In nature, killer whales live in compact flocks, which include individuals that are relatives to each other. Conflicts between members of the same flock never lead to bloodshed.
  9. Orcas communicate with each other using echolocation, like dolphins.
  10. Adult killer whale eats 100-150 kg of food daily.
  11. Orcas never attack humans first. Perhaps such attacks were not recorded because people do not swim in the waters where killer whales live.
  12. Female killer whales live an average of 10-15 years longer than males.
  13. Due to the developed intellect, killer whales are quite amenable to training.
  14. The weight of an adult killer whale can reach 7.5 tons, and the length of — 10 meters.
  15. The biological closest relative of the killer whale — dolphin.
  16. At the surface of the water, the killer whale’s heart begins to beat twice as fast.
  17. A newborn orca cub reaches a length of two meters.
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