21 interesting facts about Liechtenstein

Principality of Liechtenstein — a dwarf state located in the heart of Europe. Because of its tiny size, it sometimes becomes the object of jokes, which, however, stop after the first visit to this wonderful place. Liechtenstein — a small, proud and unrealistically beautiful country with a rich history, and you want to come back here again and again.

Interesting facts about Liechtenstein

  1. In 1936, the flag of the principality was modified. This decision was made after the embarrassment that happened at the 1936 Olympics, when it suddenly became clear that the Liechtenstein and Haitian flags are completely identical.
  2. For more than a decade, not a single murder has been committed in Liechtenstein. And in general, the crime rate here tends to zero, as in other dwarf European countries like Monaco or San Marino (interesting facts about San Marino).
  3. In total, about a hundred employees serve in this country police.
  4. On average, less than ten prisoners serve their sentences in a local prison each year. And this is with a population of 37 thousand people!
  5. In the aforementioned prison, inmates are fed food from a restaurant, as the prison authorities decided that ordering food delivery is cheaper than hiring a cook.
  6. About a third of all residents of Liechtenstein — foreigners, mostly from Austria and Switzerland (interesting facts about Austria).
  7. Since 1866, Liechtenstein has not taken part in any wars or military operations. Currently, the principality has no army at all.
  8. The country owes its name to the ruling princely dynasty of Liechtenstein.
  9. About 10 percent of Liechtenstein’s budget comes from the production and sale of postage stamps, which are eagerly bought by collectors from all over the world.
  10. Anyone can officially rent the entire country for a day for 70,000 euros.
  11. Liechtenstein has its own football team, but all the players in it have regular jobs and play football in their spare time.
  12. The area of ​​Liechtenstein is only 160 square kilometers. This, of course, is 80 times more than that of another European principality — Monaco, but still very few (interesting facts about Monaco).
  13. The Principality of Liechtenstein is not part of the European Union.
  14. The official currency in the country is the Swiss franc.
  15. Capital of the Principality — the city of Vaduz, which occupies a little more than 10 percent of the entire country.
  16. Like Monaco, Liechtenstein has no external debts.
  17. It even has its own railway! True, the length of the railway track is only 9 kilometers — it is a section of the railway line connecting Switzerland with Austria and passing through the territory of Liechtenstein.
  18. Liechtenstein is the only country where the official language is German and which does not have a common border with Germany.
  19. In terms of per capita income, the Principality of Liechtenstein consistently occupies one of the first places in the world.
  20. There are much more bicycles here than cars and motorcycles combined.
  21. On the territory of Liechtenstein, one national TV channel, but there are others, Swiss and Austrian.
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