28 interesting facts about Malta

Republic of Malta — one of the smallest states in the world, located on the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The spirit of the Middle Ages still hovers here — narrow streets paved with cobblestones, houses that are several hundred years old, an atmosphere of calm and security… Here you can really feel the real spirit of Europe — peaceful, safe and unhurried.

Interesting facts about Malta

  1. The country is located on several islands, the main and most populated of which is, in fact, Malta itself.
  2. Since joining the European Union, the national currency here has been the euro.
  3. There are two official languages ​​in the country — Maltese, very close to Arabic, and English.
  4. The coastline of Malta is 137 kilometers.
  5. Of all the European countries, only Malta has neither rivers nor lakes. Drinking water is imported here from Italy.
  6. Sewage waste in Malta is sent straight to the sea. True, they are not thrown into the water near the coast, but at a distance of 80 kilometers from it.
  7. The beaches in Malta are rocky, so lovers of lying on fine white sand are unlikely to like it here.
  8. Maltese buses stop exclusively on request.
  9. Traffic here is on the left — this is an echo of the times when Malta was a colony of Great Britain.
  10. Divorce in Malta is prohibited by law, so many residents here live in a civil marriage all their lives.
  11. Alcohol is practically not in demand in Malta.
  12. There are no homeless people or street children here.
  13. There are no railways in Malta, although there used to be one, but it has long been abandoned.
  14. It is impossible in Malta find two identical balconies.
  15. Most Maltese are extremely religious.
  16. The island of Filfa, which is part of the Maltese archipelago, is closed to the public, as it has not yet been cleared of mines since the Second World War.
  17. About 415 thousand people permanently live in Malta — about the same as in the Maldives (interesting facts about the Maldives).
  18. Almost all the houses here hang a sign with the name and surname of its owner.
  19. The crime rate in Malta is extremely low. You can easily walk anywhere. Even there are almost no pickpockets.
  20. Once Malta was connected by a bridge with the Italian island of Sicily.
  21. It is Malta that is the smallest state of the European Union. Other dwarf European countries, such as the Principality of Monaco, are not part of the European Union (interesting facts about Monaco).
  22. After heavy rains, rivers appear in Malta for a while, but they quickly dry up.
  23. In local churches, there are always two pairs of clocks hanging, one of which always either shows the wrong time or stands to confuse evil spirits.
  24. The streets in Malta are very narrow — they were originally designed so that the shadow from the houses completely blocked them.
  25. You can become a citizen of Malta by simply purchasing citizenship. But you will have to pay a lot.
  26. More than a third of all local residents know how to play some kind of musical instrument.
  27. Wine here costs less than drinking water.
  28. Geographically Malta is located almost in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.
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