15 interesting facts about Grenada

Grenada — a small country lost in the expanses of the Caribbean Sea, famous for its pirates and sea robbers. Although, of course, those dashing times are in the distant past, and now Grenada is inhabited by the descendants of the Spanish conquistadors, African Caribbean Indians.

Interesting facts about Grenada

  1. The island of Grenada was discovered by the famous navigator Christopher Columbus during one of his expeditions (interesting facts about Columbus).
  2. Grenada changed hands many times until gaining independence in 1974, having managed to visit Spanish, French and British rule.
  3. The official language of the country is English, but many locals also speak Patois. Patois is a heavily modified French-based dialect spoken locally in the Caribbean.
  4. Grenada Coast Guard and Police strength — less than a thousand people, and there is no army at all.
  5. The literacy rate in Grenada is approaching 100%, which is an excellent indicator for a small and poor Caribbean country.
  6. The official ruler of the state is the reigning English monarch, whose authority on the island is personified by the governor-general.
  7. On the seabed near the coast of Grenada is a unique underwater sculpture park.
  8. Nutmeg plays a significant role in the economy of the island. It can even be seen on the Grenadian flag (interesting facts about flags).
  9. An unofficial but widespread second name for this country — «Spice Island».
  10. More than a hundred and fifty years ago, the first public library was opened in Grenada.
  11. There is only one university in the whole country.
  12. Standard general education in Grenada is free and compulsory for everyone without exception.
  13. Television in this country appeared rather late — in 1986.
  14. For many years, the population of this country has remained virtually unchanged, as the flow of emigrants leaving the country compensates for the birth rate.
  15. Unlike many other small island states, Grenada does not experience problems with fresh water — there are plenty of streams and other springs on the island.
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