16 interesting facts about Mauritania

Like most other African countries, Mauritania is a poor and not very prosperous country. To the credit of the locals, it must be said that some of them are trying to rectify the situation, but progress is very slow, and Mauritania has long been on the lists of the poorest countries in the world. In addition, the political situation here is turbulent, and, despite the fact that there have been no major conflicts for a long time, no one can guarantee that old grievances will not flare up again at any moment.

Facts about Mauritania

  1. It borders three countries and one partially recognized state, Western Sahara. At one time, part of Western Sahara belonged to Mauritania, but the authorities of this country recognized the independence of these lands.
  2. The Arabs began to populate the territory of Mauritania around the 11th century, bringing their culture and religion with them.
  3. С 1978 to 1984, in just 6 years, there were 4 military coups with a change of power.
  4. Mauritania has a population of 4,6 million.
  5. On For a long time this country remained a French colony. Some things still remind of France here, for example, baguettes sold everywhere.
  6. Of more than a million square kilometers of Mauritania, only 0.03% is water.
  7. More than half of all Mauritanians are employed in agriculture.
  8. According to statistics, about 40% of the population of Mauritania lives below the poverty line.
  9. About 60% of the country’s territory is sandy and rocky deserts (interesting facts about deserts).
  10. Mauritania to this day remains the only state in the world in which the authorities do not persecute slave owners. On paper, slavery was abolished here in 2007 (and before that back in 1980), but in practice, about 20% of the population of the entire country are disenfranchised slaves.
  11. More than half of all Mauritanians are not literate.
  12. In summer, during the hottest months, the air temperature in Mauritania sometimes rises to +50 degrees.
  13. One of the oldest mosques in the world is located in the Mauritanian city of Atar.
  14. Infection rate HIV in Mauritania is lower than in almost all other countries in Africa (interesting facts about Africa).
  15. Almost 100% of Mauritanians are Muslims.
  16. The only river in Mauritania that does not dry up in summer, in the dry season – Senegal. All other rivers are dry channels during the summer months.
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