25 interesting facts about Northern Europe

Historically, the countries of Northern Europe are now generally among the most prosperous. This region is rich in history, culture and traditions, and it is also known for the hard work of the people who inhabit these lands. Once upon a time, their ancestors made constant raids on the southern territories, due to which they lived in many respects, but since then a lot has changed, and Northern Europe has long become one of the brightest centers of civilization and prosperity.

Facts about Northern Europe

  1. The four countries that have possessions in this region still have a monarchy, though a constitutional one. These are Great Britain, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
  2. The Northern European Kingdom of Norway is the only country in the world where whaling is still allowed.
  3. The name of the Finnish counterpart of Santa Claus, Joulupukki, translates as «Christmas Goat».
  4. «McDonald’s» popular in Northern Europe. Sweden has more of them than in any other European country (interesting facts about the countries of Europe).
  5. The world-famous way of serving food «buffet» was invented in this country back in the 19th century.
  6. For killing a bird, for example, a sparrow, even unintentionally, in Sweden, corrective labor for up to 6 months is threatened.
  7. Many Nordic countries have already adopted a number of laws, according to which internal combustion engines will be banned in the coming years. Ordinary cars will be replaced by environmentally friendly electric cars.
  8. Despite the fact that Greenland, the largest island in the world, by the way, is almost completely covered in ice, it is home to about 50 different species of butterflies (interesting facts about Greenland).
  9. Symbol «@» in Sweden they call not «dog», but «elephant».
  10. Greenland occupies the first place among all the countries of Northern Europe in terms of ice reserves, the thickness of the ice cover here in some places reaches 1500 meters. If it were to melt completely, the level of the World Ocean would rise by about 7 meters.
  11. The fastest glacier on Earth, Jakobshavn, is also located in Greenland. It moves at a speed of up to 25-30 meters per day.
  12. Norway is among the top safest countries in the world.
  13. Most Icelandic citizens do not have surnames, they are replaced by patronymics (for men) or matronyms (for women), formed from the names of the father or mother, respectively. For example, Sigurd Svensson – Sigurd, son of Sven, or Hilda Brynhilddottir – Hilda, daughter of Brynhild. In Iceland, only immigrants and their descendants have surnames.
  14. The sauna in its traditional form was invented in Finland. Although, of course, the ancient Romans bathed in the baths (interesting facts about Ancient Rome).
  15. In Finland, comics about the character Donald Duck are banned for a very curious reason – this anthropomorphic duck does not wear pants.
  16. In Norway, Denmark and Finland, it is not customary to talk to strangers on public transport.
  17. In one of the Nordic countries does not have mosquitoes at all. This is Iceland.
  18. The big cross is on the flags of all Nordic countries.
  19. The Icelandic language is one of the oldest (still spoken) on the planet, it has remained virtually unchanged for many centuries.
  20. In Northern Europe, you can get the largest traffic fines in the world, so how in some countries they are calculated based on the salary of the violator. The more money you have, the more you will have to pay for the same violation.
  21. The Faroe Islands, now part of Denmark, once belonged to Norway, but the Danish king won them at cards from the Norwegian (interesting facts about Faroe Islands).
  22. Park «Disneyland» appeared after Walt Disney visited a similar Tivoli park in Denmark, and was very impressed by what he saw.
  23. One of the countries of Northern Europe still uses the world’s oldest national flag. This is Denmark.
  24. The Kingdom of Sweden firmly holds the first place in the world in coffee consumption per capita.
  25. In northern European Iceland, the crime rate is so low that there is only one prison left in the whole country, and that one is regularly empty.
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