26 interesting facts about mosquitoes

Which of us loves mosquitoes? Probably nobody — these little buzzing creatures annoy everyone with their annoying desire to drink our blood. What to do — they want to eat too! Fortunately, many other creatures are reducing mosquito populations to tolerable limits — for example, many reptiles and small birds feed on them.

Interesting facts about mosquitoes

  1. Mosquitoes are very ancient creatures, they appeared in the world about a hundred million years ago, and have changed little since then.
  2. Only females drink blood.
  3. Currently, about three thousand different species of mosquitoes are known.
  4. They are found on all continents except Antarctica, where there are no insects at all (interesting facts about Antarctica).
  5. The largest species of mosquitoes, caramora, reach a length of ten centimeters.
  6. Female mosquitoes live for about a month, and males – half as much.
  7. Males feed on flower nectar.
  8. A well-fed mosquito weighs 2-2.5 times more than a hungry one.
  9. Tiny suction cups located on their paws help mosquitoes stay on vertical surfaces.
  10. Mosquitoes have teeth! About fifty, depending on the species.
  11. A mosquito squeak is the sound made by the fluttering wings of this insect.
  12. With the help of a squeak, mosquitoes communicate with each other. She does not hear sound, but they pick up sound vibrations with the help of antennae.
  13. In the absence of a potential victim, even female mosquitoes can temporarily retrain as vegetarians, feeding on nectar and pollen.
  14. The more protein in the blood, the more attractive they are to the mosquito, therefore, more often than the rest, mosquitoes attack the owners of the first blood group.
  15. These insects are attracted to the smell of alcohol.
  16. Mosquitoes can walk fearlessly on water. Well, relatively fearless – some fish are not averse to hunting them (interesting facts about fish).
  17. Some species of mosquitoes are able to freeze for the winter in the thickness of the ice, and thaw in the spring without any consequences for their body.
  18. They bite women more often than men.
  19. From the moment of hatching from the egg to the full maturation of the mosquito, only four days pass.
  20. Mosquitoes, unlike flies, may not be afraid of spiders – they weigh too little to attract the attention of a predator by touching the web.
  21. At air temperatures below +12 degrees, mosquitoes no longer fly – it’s too cold for them.
  22. Male mosquitoes, carrying pollen on their paws, contribute to the process of pollination of plants.
  23. A half-naked person in the taiga or tundra who has been attacked by these insects can lose half of all blood and die in a few hours.
  24. The only hot country that managed to get rid of mosquitoes is Singapore (interesting facts about Singapore).
  25. During the full moon, mosquito activity increases several times.
  26. Mosquito eggs can patiently wait for the right conditions for several years. If it is too cold, they will wait, but as soon as it gets warmer, the development process in them will immediately start.
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