20 interesting facts about Northern Ireland

Unlike regular Ireland, Northern Ireland is part of the UK, it has long been part of the United Kingdom. Historically, it so happened that the ancestors of the modern English and Irish were often at enmity, and the latter fiercely defended their independence. But those times are long gone, and Northern Ireland has long been successfully integrated into British society, becoming an important part of it.

Facts about Northern Ireland

  1. Here is the largest in the UK lake, Lough Neagh. Its area exceeds 388 square kilometers. It is also the largest freshwater lake in all of Europe.
  2. The population of Northern Ireland is 1.8 million. But still it is three times more than in Estonia (interesting facts about Estonia).
  3. Irish and Ulster Scots are the official languages ​​here along with English.
  4. In Northern Ireland, two completely different sign languages ​​used by the deaf and dumb are in use – Irish and British.
  5. Many locals want to separate from Great Britain and establish their own state. However, the majority does not support them, and they live well as part of the United Kingdom.
  6. Almost all the inhabitants of Northern Ireland are Christians, and Catholics and Protestants are almost equally divided.
  7. Only about half a million, that is, a little less than a third of the population, are native Irish. The rest are descendants of mixed marriages with the English and Scots.
  8. Northern Ireland is divided into 6 counties.
  9. Among all regions of Great Britain, it is the smallest and at the same time the poorest.
  10. Oddly enough, the most common unofficial language here is Chinese. This is because there are quite a few Chinese immigrants and their descendants in Northern Ireland.
  11. The infamous «Titanic» was built and launched in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.
  12. During the last ice age, the entire territory of the island of Ireland was covered with ice (interesting facts about Ireland).
  13. Dogs in Northern Ireland is twice as large as people – more than 3 million.
  14. Almost 10% of the local population has red hair.
  15. 11 episodes of the famous TV series «Game of Thrones» filmed here.
  16. Local native James Hoban was the architect who designed the American White House.
  17. It celebrates a holiday similar to Halloween called «Samhain».
  18. Apple trees in Northern Ireland bloom twice a year, not just once.
  19. This is where the football penalty kick was invented over a century ago, which has since become an integral part of this game.
  20. Northern Ireland is home to the world’s oldest operating pub, dating back over 9 centuries. All this time it works.
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