17 interesting facts about Nuku’alofa

Nukualofa is the capital of the tiny country of Tonga. How many people in the world are generally able to find the Kingdom of Tonga on the map? Life here flows measuredly and calmly, the locals are in no hurry, and it seems they are quite happy. At least they look happy.

Facts about the city of Nuku’alofa

  1. The history of the Tongan capital began at the end of the 18th century, many years before all the islands the archipelago were united into a single state.
  2. The ancestors of modern people lived on the territory of modern Nuku’alofa as early as 3.3 thousand years ago.
  3. The only international airport in Tonga is located here (facts about Tonga).
  4. About 25 thousand people live in the capital – this is more than 20% of the population of the entire country.
  5. Only here there are several companies where a tourist can rent a car. In 2018, there were as many as two offices, in total they had 7-8 machines available.
  6. On Sundays, absolutely no one works in Nuku’alofa. Work on this day of the week is prohibited here at the legislative level.
  7. This is a very mono-ethnic city. About 96% of the inhabitants are native Tongans.
  8. The first European to visit these lands was the Dutchman Abel Tasman. This happened back in the middle of the 17th century.
  9. The famous navigator James Cook visited the territory of modern Nuku’alofa twice (facts about Cook).
  10. The Royal Palace is located in Nuku’alofa. It was built of wood in New Zealand in the mid-19th century, dismantled, transported to Tonga and reassembled. In 1953, the Queen of England even visited it.
  11. The Internet in Nuku’alofa appeared at the beginning of the 21st century. Like ATMs, by the way — before they were not here.
  12. SIM cards from European countries do not work here.
  13. Almost all the inhabitants of Nuku’alofa adhere to the Mormon branch of Christianity in matters of religion.
  14. This is one one of the few capitals located on the atolls.
  15. In the city there are many clean beaches, very beautiful. In Tonga, it is generally not customary to litter, so everywhere is quite clean.
  16. When renting a car in Nuku’alofa, they always warn that insurance does not cover damage to the car from a coconut falling on it. There are a lot of coconut palms here, and their fruits ripen all year round, so you should not park your car in the shade of a palm tree.
  17. A huge number of orchids grow in the city. It really looks very nice.
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