20 interesting facts about oaks

Since ancient times, oak was considered a force of power and strength. This mighty tree has a thick trunk and a developed root system, and on a hot sunny day its spreading crown provides excellent shade. In addition, oak wood is highly valued for its strength and durability.

Interesting facts about oaks

  1. Oak Acorns — it’s nuts. At least that’s what botanists say.
  2. Oak female flowers are very firmly attached to the branches, they can withstand even strong winds, which easily break «catkins» male trees.
  3. In total, there are about six hundred species of oaks.
  4. Grinding the acorns of some species of oaks, you can get quite edible flour, however, not of very high quality and not very nutritious.
  5. Not all oaks shed their leaves for the winter — in the USA, for example, an evergreen species of these trees grows (interesting facts about trees).
  6. Bottle caps are also made from the thick bark of a cork oak.
  7. For the preparation and storage of expensive alcoholic beverages, barrels made from oak wood are used.
  8. Of all the variety of oaks, only a few of their species grow in the Southern Hemisphere. All the rest grow exclusively in the North.
  9. Oak roots are symbiotically connected with the mycelium of truffles, the most expensive mushrooms in the world, so truffles are usually found in oak groves.
  10. Ham oaks grow on the Mediterranean coast , bearing sweet and tasty fruits (interesting facts about the Mediterranean Sea).
  11. The bark of many types of oaks contains a lot of acid.
  12. The crushed acorns of some oak species are used to make a coffee-like drink.
  13. Bog oak is oak wood that has lain in water for at least a hundred years. It costs simply fabulous money.
  14. Boars and deer store fat for the winter in the fall, largely due to eating a large number of acorns (interesting facts about deer).
  15. In France, an ancient oak grows, which is over two thousand years old. Inside this oak, a whole room is equipped.
  16. Contrary to popular belief, oaks do not grow in taiga forests.
  17. Oak is more common than any other trees on various coats of arms.
  18. For For normal life, an oak tree needs a lot of water, an adult tree consumes it in volumes of up to two hundred liters per day. This is not much less than what an adult sequoia requires (interesting facts about sequoias).
  19. Acorns usually appear when an oak reaches the age of 19-20 years.
  20. Only one acorn sprouts out of 10 thousand — the rest are eaten by various forest animals.
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