20 interesting facts about sparrows

Sparrows — birds are very widespread, and related to many other species. These nimble and nimble birds are extremely curious, and many of them are easily tamed. Feed a flock of sparrows with a loaf of fresh bread — isn’t it a pleasant experience?

Interesting facts about sparrows

  1. The weight of an adult sparrow usually does not exceed 30 grams. And the smallest of sparrows, kinglets, weigh 10-12 grams at all.
  2. In total, about a billion sparrows live on Earth.
  3. Like magpies, sparrows are prone to stealing various small items.
  4. Theoretically, sparrows can live for ten years, but in fact most of them do not survives one winter.
  5. During the flight, the sparrow’s heart contracts up to 1000 times per minute.
  6. Sparrows have been living next to people for about 10,000 years.
  7. In contrast from many other birds, sparrows cannot stay in the air for a long time — they usually get tired after 15-20 minutes of continuous flight.
  8. Like pigeons, sparrows often mate for life (interesting facts about pigeons).
  9. Without food, a sparrow can last no longer than two days, since it spends a huge amount of energy on flying.
  10. Sparrows lay eggs 2-3 times a year, depending on how warm the regions they live in.
  11. Sparrow chicks begin to fly 10 days after hatching.
  12. Sparrows never existed in North America before — they were brought there from Great Britain in 1960, so that these birds could help cope with caterpillars that filled the fields.
  13. The normal body temperature of this bird is 44 degrees.
  14. Sparrows see the world in shades of pink, which rather unusual, as animals usually have black and white vision. Although lizards, for example, see the world as orange (interesting facts about lizards).
  15. Chestnut sparrows do not build their own nests — they take them away from other small birds.
  16. There are twice as many vertebrae in the neck of a sparrow as in the neck of a giraffe.
  17. A strong fright may well kill a sparrow, causing a heart rupture.
  18. In the cold season, sparrows huddle and huddle in nests to keep warm.
  19. Sparrows bathe in the sand in summer to clean their feathers, and in winter — in the snow (interesting facts about snow).
  20. Snow sparrows live up to 5 kilometers above sea level.
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