39 interesting facts about Peru

The amazing and incredibly interesting Latin American country of Peru is a real treasure trove of history, everyone agrees with this fact. Ancient civilizations, in particular the Incas, left their rich heritage in this mountainous region. The modern Republic of Peru is one of the least wealthy states in the region, but at the same time one of the most beautiful. Yes, it is not very safe here, but according to many tourists, the beauty is worth the risk.

Facts about Peru

  1. The percentage of the Indian population in this country is higher than in almost all other countries of South and Central America.
  2. In Peru, drinks infused with coca leaves are popular, as they are considered the cultural heritage of the Peruvians. For obvious reasons, they cannot be taken out of the country.
  3. In the capital, Lima, military personnel in armored cars guard all major streets at night to contain rampant crime.
  4. Of all the countries in South America, Peru is second in size only to Argentina and Brazil (interesting facts about South America).
  5. It is from Peru that such plants, common throughout the world, as potatoes and tomatoes originate.
  6. The Marcos University located in Peru, founded in 1551, is the oldest in the New World, that is, in both Americas.
  7. Once the territory of Peru was larger, during the era of Spanish rule. After the expulsion of the colonialists, the famous revolutionary Simon Bolivar divided it into, in fact, Peru and Bolivia. True, immediately after this, a military conflict began between these two states, which lasted about 20 years.
  8. Many buildings erected in these parts by the Incas have survived to this day. Unfortunately, the conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro destroyed all the ancient Inca temples, erecting their own Catholic ones in their place.
  9. In the 19th century, the Republic of Peru, together with Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador, successfully opposed Spain in the war (interesting facts about Chile).
  10. Gesture «twist finger to temple» among Peruvians, it does not mean a hint of madness on the interlocutor, but only that the person is thinking.
  11. It was in Peru that such an animal as the llama was tamed and domesticated.
  12. The most famous attraction in Peru is Machu Picchu, an amazingly well-preserved stone city of the Incas.
  13. Peruvian drivers begin to put pressure on the horn, if anyone hesitates in front of them even for a second. There is always a terrible cacophony of dozens and hundreds of car signals in traffic jams.
  14. As in almost all of Latin America, with the exception of Paraguay, Spanish is the native language of the majority of the local population here (interesting facts about Latin America).
  15. Traditional Peruvian cuisine is included in the Guinness Book of Records because it has more dishes than any other – more than 500.
  16. The most popular city among tourists in Peru is Cusco. It would be visited by more people than Lima, but international flights still arrive in the capital.
  17. The most popular Peruvian dish is ceviche – raw fish marinated in lime juice. And the most common local side dish is rice.
  18. At night, all areas of Lima, the Peruvian capital, are quite dangerous, except for the guarded center. There are some areas where you shouldn’t go even during the day.
  19. Turnout to the elections in Peru is mandatory. Those who do not vote risk losing public services to the population.
  20. The Cotahuasi canyon in Peru is the deepest canyon in the world, as much as 3,500 meters. This is almost twice the size of the Grand Canyon in the USA (interesting facts about the USA).
  21. The Peruvian city of La Rinconada, lying at an altitude of more than 5 km above sea level, is the highest city in the world.
  22. In the countryside of Peru, shamans still enjoy honor and respect.
  23. Deep in the wilds of Peru, a primitive tribe still lives. Its visit is prohibited, and its habitat is hidden from the general public.
  24. There are almost more restaurants and cafes with Chinese cuisine in any Peruvian city than with the national one.
  25. In total, there are as many as 16 languages in use in Peru, but only three of them are official — Aymara, Spanish and Quechua.
  26. Lake Titicaca is located in Peru, the highest mountain in the world and at the same time the largest in South America.
  27. The country is the world’s number one in the production and export of asparagus.
  28. Peruvians associate yellow with good luck, so they dress up in all yellow on New Year’s Eve.
  29. The most popular Peruvian drink is called chicha. It is made from corn, and it tastes vaguely like fermented kvass with a little alcohol.
  30. According to statistics, only in India there are more shamans than in Peru (interesting facts about India).
  31. Peru is a mountainous country, but almost two-thirds of its territory is covered with forests, many of which have grown together into impassable jungles.
  32. As in Asian countries, tuk-tuks, covered motorcycle taxis are popular here.
  33. Corn in Peru is incredibly common, they eat it, they make drinks from it. In total, more than 50 varieties of it are cultivated in this country.
  34. According to archaeological finds, people lived on the territory of the modern Republic of Peru 12,000 years ago.
  35. Here, unfortunately, earthquakes are not uncommon. On average, one of them every year is very destructive.
  36. Despite the high humidity, it rains extremely rarely in Peruvian Lima.
  37. Some Peruvian national dishes are prepared from guinea pigs.
  38. More than 1,600 species of orchids grow in Peru.
  39. Peru produces the highest quality cotton in the world.
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