14 interesting facts about pigeons

Pigeons, contrary to popular belief — Birds are by no means stupid. How else would they have been used to deliver correspondence in those distant times, when even the telegraph had not yet been invented? In addition, there are many different species of these birds in the world, and not all of them are alike.

Interesting facts about pigeons

  1. The memory of pigeons is based on features landscape and smells. In addition, they navigate by the sun.
  2. Pigeons have an excellent memory for faces — they are able to remember an unfriendly person, and in the future they will avoid him, even if he does not show aggression.
  3. During the First World War, many carrier pigeons died during the delivery of mail. Some birds were even awarded medals (interesting facts about birds).
  4. Three dozen monuments have been erected in different cities around the world as a bird of peace.
  5. Pigeons have very good eyesight, and the eyes are perfectly protected — these birds can even look directly at the Sun.
  6. Biology, pigeons are relatives of the extinct dodo bird that lived in Mauritius several hundred years ago (interesting facts about Mauritius).
  7. An adult pigeon has about 10 thousand feathers.
  8. Pigeon meat is 5-6 times more nutritious than chicken meat.
  9. Most species of pigeons are monogamous, they form pairs once for a lifetime.
  10. In total, there are about 300 different species of pigeons in the world.
  11. A pigeon can travel up to a thousand kilometers in a day.
  12. Average flight speed of a pigeon — about 70 kilometers per hour.
  13. The eye of a dove perceives up to 75 frames per second. Human eye — only 24 frames (interesting facts about the eyes).
  14. The average lifespan of a pigeon — about 20 years, give or take.
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